Activities with children in wismar: tips and ideas

Activities with children in wismar: tips and ideas

Things to do with children in Wismar

If you want to spend your next family vacation on the Baltic Sea, you should pay a visit to Wismar and the beautiful old town of Wismar. This visit is definitely worthwhile even with children. We briefly present sights in Wismar and focus on events in Wismar that are great for the whole family. We did a bit of research and asked around.

Things to do with children in Wismar

Where is Wismar actually?

The Hanseatic city of Wismar is located on the Baltic Sea coast in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The Wismar Bay with the Poel Island. Wismar is a popular destination for day tourists, which of course also includes families. But it is also worthwhile to explore the surrounding area as a longer place to stay.

Attractions in Wismar: Information

If you want to prepare for a city visit to Wismar with your children, the city of Wismar offers a special website for children that has been designed to be child-friendly and informative.

For example, for children and parents Visit to the old port an exciting experience in Wismar.

Visit to the Poeler Kogge in Wismar

It is worth taking a look at the Poeler Kogge, also under the name "Wissemara" known. Anyone interested in shipping will find it here. It is a replica of an old cog from 1354, which can also be used for excursions. However, these should best be booked in advance. A small association takes care of the bookings. You can get information directly from the website.

Incidentally, there is also the possibility to visit the cog, an experience that will bring children to life for all ship enthusiasts. Otherwise, the detour to the Old Port is also worthwhile with children, it doesn’t always have to be the big attractions, if you want to “watch ships” or watch seagulls, you will certainly find it here. Incidentally, the famous pirate Klaus Störtebeker is said to have been born here in Wismar, at least that’s what it is sometimes called. We don’t know if that’s true, but at least a nice story and pirates also fit into Wismar.

Sights in the old town of Wismar

Also a stroll through the Wismar old town doesn’t have to be boring for children. There are many things from the heyday of the Hanseatic League here. Wismar’s old town is able to bring parents and children back a bit into the Middle Ages. This is also exciting for the younger visitors. The buildings are still very well preserved, so Wismar and Stralsund – which is also worth a trip with the family – were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is also borne out by the World Heritage house in Wismar, which was established in 2014 and also invites families with children to take a side trip to Wismar.

Detour to the "Schabbellhaus" in Wismar

If you want to learn more about the city history of Wismar, take a detour to City History Museum of the City of Wismar in Schabbell. This is a nice alternative, especially when it is raining, and the children can be preoccupied there. The museum is also known as "Schabbellhaus", named after one of the most famous citizens of the city, Heinrich Schabbell, who, as a brewer and later mayor, had a strong influence on the city’s history. There are special museum educational offers for children and there are also about the museum in Wismar Events for children in Wismar offered.

Churches in Wismar: Offers for children

For those interested in culture Wismar with its brick churches also has a lot to offer. This may be less exciting for children. Nevertheless, a visit to the Church of St. Marien with children is worthwhile, because here a certain Bruno Backstein informs the kids and that in 3D. A 10-minute animation film created for children guides the kids through the medieval church building with the huge bricks. Also worth a detour for children interested in technology. Another destination for rainy weather. By the way, you can borrow 3D glasses on site. A visit to the church of St. Georgen is also worthwhile with children, because here the whole family floats up in the elevator and has a great view of Wismar from above. Incidentally, the Church of Ships and Fishermen was St. Nikolai, the only church that survived the Second World War without damage. The other two have been rebuilt or are only partially preserved.

If you want to take a break in between and have a coffee or cocoa, you will certainly find what you are looking for in the old town of Wismar, where there are many small cafes to discover, where children are also welcome.

The area around Wismar also has a lot to offer. You can find more interesting travel tips on a family cult tour – simply that Postcode of WISMAR enter "23966"As well as on various travel sites such as from the Wyndham Garden Wismar Hotel.

Other leisure activities in Wismar and the surrounding area

The Bürgerpark in Wismar

Wismar doesn’t just offer culture for children. From the zoo to the indoor playground and leisure pool, families can start activities in Wismar and the surrounding area with children in good or bad weather. If the weather is nice, a visit to the Bürgerpark Wismar, a relic from the time of the State Garden Show many years ago. The park costs no admission, offers the kids a lookout tower to climb and has a circular route with lots of play options.

Farm barn in the Bürgerpark

There are more game options in the Mecklenburg barn. Here the children can climb, slide and play and also paint and tinker in the play room. There are also special courses and events here. Even a covered wagon overnight stay is on the program. Incidentally, entry to the citizens’ barn is free.

Leisure activities in Wismar when it rains

The Mumpitz Wismar opens in wind and weather and here the children can really let off steam. If you want to take a trip to the island of Poel, you will find another indoor playground in the Poeler Piratenland. Even if Poel is an island, families can reach it by road.
For children interested in technology, a trip to the 3000 m² PhanTECHNIKUM in Wismar is definitely worthwhile. This is the Technical State Museum of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which can offer a lot to children due to the many interactive stations.

If you visit the museum, you may also be able to plan a trip to the Wismar zoo, which is not so far away. .

And for all those who don’t want to venture into the sea or simply want to spend a day in the swimming pool, a visit to the Wonnemar leisure pool in Wismar is worthwhile.

There is certainly a lot more to do in Wismar and the surrounding area, but you may have received one or two ideas for your next family holiday in Wismar and the surrounding area. We would be glad.

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