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Acupuncture – Healing in a natural way

Acupuncture is a branch of today’s “alternative” medicine. It is based on a foundation of scientifically proven facts. A positive attitude and good cooperation of the patient naturally increases the therapeutic success, as with most therapy methods. Acupuncture has been practiced for more than 2000 years. The irritation of acupuncture points is probably the oldest and most widely used healing method in the world.

What is acupuncture and where does this procedure come from?

The focus of this healing method is the ancient Chinese idea of ​​a living energy flowing in the body, called Chinese qi [spoken: chi]. When you are healthy, the life energy flows smoothly and harmoniously. Diseases and complaints of any kind are attributed to a disturbance in the energy flow in the Chinese view. Similar to how rivers go through the land, energy channels pull through the body and provide it with the life energy Qi. These tracks are the acupuncture points. By piercing with needles at these well-defined points on the skin, one can influence the flow of energy in the body and eliminate the disturbances.

Prospects of success of acupuncture

Ear or body acupuncture can be used to treat all diseases that are attributed to impaired function of the body’s organs or tissues, such as:

  • Migraines, headaches, facial pain, toothache
  • Help with weight reduction
  • Help with smoking cessation
  • Pain and restrictions of movement of the muscular, joint, and bone system
  • Allergies (e.g., hay fever), prosthesis intolerances

When does the healing come in and what can acupuncture do??

Some patients feel relief immediately after the first acupuncture session, especially in acute conditions. Usually, however, especially for chronic complaints, it takes at least 4-5 days before an improvement is felt.

You feel very relaxed and balanced after the treatment. Destroyed structures, such as carious teeth, or “worn” jaw joints can not be treated by acupuncture.

Acupuncture – What to expect?

Many people are frightened by the thought that needles should be stabbed into your skin. In acupuncture, however, only very fine needles are used. The low irritation when inserting the needles is much weaker than the pain of a syringe. During acupuncture, many changes occur in the body. These trigger different sensations and feelings. The often occurring slight “tingling sensation”, the de-Qi feeling, is a positive sign of the acupuncture effect and is individually felt differently strong.

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What is the benefit of therapy success?

After the needles lie for a few minutes, the body relaxes. Arms and legs often feel heavy. Again and again, during the Acupuncture session, try to relax by “dropping” and not “holding on” anything. Emerging thoughts should let you pass by like a movie and not focus on it or think about its contents. Decisive for the success of therapy is a deep, calm breathing. Breathe out long and slowly, so that your inner tensions can be better resolved.

Expiration of acupuncture

As a rule, 2 acupuncture sessions are performed during the week for 4-6 weeks. Then a break of 2-3 weeks is inserted. Depending on the degree of discomfort may follow more treatment series. 3-4 months after completion of treatment, 2-4 sessions are recommended for refresher. If the disease recurs after months or years (such as migraine or hay fever), repeated acupuncture treatment should be started early. For acute ailments (such as pain after tooth removal or during dental treatment), single or few sessions are very effective and sufficient.

How much does acupuncture cost??

Acupuncture is only used in some cases, such as in the treatment of migraine, temporomandibular joint pain, asthma and allergies (such as hay fever) taken by the health insurance companies. Other treatments, such as Weight loss and smoking cessation, however, may not be compensated or fully compensated. An acupuncture session costs 49, – €.

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