Adac child seat test 2005: avarice dangerous for children in the car

More than half of the products failed

The automobile club ADAC has checked the safety of cheap child seats for the first time. Alarming result: Of nine models tested, five failed. They received the worst possible grade poor. Three achieved the grade sufficiently and only one seat was able to give the examiners a satisfactory rating. The Child seats cost between five and 85 euros and are available throughout Germany in DIY and hypermarkets, in the accessories trade and in the mail order business.

Striking weaknesses in the front crash
The was considered defective "IWH Baby Primeur" (price 50 euros, zero to one year) classified. This baby car seat had glaring weaknesses in the front crash. The crotch strap of the seat belt system tore from the seat shell, so that the dummy was no longer secured and flew through the vehicle. Also the "Kids in the Speedway seat" (50 euros) for children between nine months and twelve years failed. He did poorly in the front crash. At the "IWH Remi" (50 to 75 euros, zero to four years) in the front crash the vehicle belt guide for the shoulder belt tore out, the seat detached from the vehicle and hurled together with the dummy. At the "Looney Tunes Dooby" (50 to 85 euros, zero to 4 years) the vehicle belt hung from the seat during the front crash. The booster seat was also poor "IWH Sunny touring" (7.50 to 10 euros) for children between four and twelve years

Miserable assembly instructions
The was sufficient "Kids in the Carry Easy seat" (35 to 40 euros, zero to one year). The risk of incorrect operation was enormous due to the confusing size adjustment, and increased load values ​​were found during the side crash. Also the "IWH Kids Club" (ten euros) for children from nine months to four years received a sufficient. The assembly instructions had significant shortcomings. Seat shell and impact shield proved to be fragile. The "Uniropa child seat booster" (five euros) for children between four and twelve years old can only be used as an emergency solution. Increased load values ​​for front and side crashes were measured.

Only one model satisfactory
The only model with a satisfactory grade was the "Uniropa Navy" (40 euros). This seat for children aged four to twelve years had good belt geometry and good side support. Despite the frightening results, the cheap child seats with the grades offer satisfactory and sufficient but still more safety than a mere vehicle belt. The legislator allowed with good reason not that children under the age of 12 travel unsecured in the car.


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