Adac child seat test 2019

To the security of children To increase in the car, the ADAC and the Stiftung Warentest regularly test new child seat models. The test losers in the current test are the "Chicco Oasys i-Size Bebecare" and "Maxi-Cosi TobiFix".

The "Oasys i-Size" failed in the front impact. The belt buckle was torn out of the seat shell during the crash test and the child’s dummy was thrown out. The risk of injury in an emergency is enormous. Chicco was informed in advance of the test result and, according to its own information, is only delivering a revised version. In the “Maxi-Cosi TobiFix” the upholstery fabric contains the flame retardant TCPP in too high a concentration.

A total of 31 baby car seats and child seats available in Germany were examined for their safety, operation, ergonomics and pollutant content. 27 models clearly exceed the legal requirements and at least score “satisfactory”, two others receive “sufficient”. The leader is the "Maxi-Cosi Jade + 3wayFix" carrycot, which scores particularly in the "Safety" category. However, the baby seat with 420 euros is one of the most expensive products in its class and can only be used in the first months of life (up to 70 cm tall).

Four of the models tested have an optional alarm system to prevent children from being forgotten in the car. The seats – with the exception of the "Chicco Oasys i-Size" – were convincing, but the alarm systems were not. Among other things, the testers fear that parents could rely too much on the alarm system.

In the meantime, more and more seats are coming onto the market that can be used from infancy to older children. Most were able to score “good” or “satisfactory” in the test. The disadvantage: the child cannot be carried in the seat outside the car. Products in which the base and seat are separated are becoming increasingly popular. With just one Isofix station, two or three age-appropriate seats from the same manufacturer can be installed over the years. Disadvantage: Parents commit to a manufacturer for years.

Unpleasant knowledge from the test: child seats are becoming more and more expensive. The majority of the models currently tested are not available for less than 200 euros. The most expensive even cost over 500 euros. However, the "Chicco Oasys i-Size", which failed in the test, shows that the price and quality do not necessarily have to be related its Class matters.

At the same time, there are candidates who are available for less than 100 euros and receive good ADAC judgments from our testers, such as the "Nania Beone SP" or the "Britax Römer Adventure".

All details for the child seat test can be found here:

Image source: ADAC / Andreas Ratzek

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Carla wrote on August 28, 2017, 5:21 pm:
Hello everybody,

we are currently using the Cybex Sirona Plus, which was tested with good in one of the previous years. Above all, the possibility of mounting the child seat against the direction of travel convinced us.

It should also be mentioned that the child seats tested in 2017 did not become unsafe.

A test database is available for a fee from the Stiftung Warentest. We use alternative free offers like this:

Best wishes

Which child seat you use?

Which child seat do you use and what is your experience like? We would be happy to receive comments on the ADAC child seat test, your own seat or planned shopping.

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