Adolescents high blood pressure in children

Obesity as a cause of hypertension in children

Hypertension is now a problem that has hit many people in Germany, but has come in recent years another risk group that you would not have expected.

The high blood pressure risk group adolescents and children

A few years ago there was high blood pressure in this risk group children and adolescents are still under 3 percent.

However, the number of sufferers in this group is increased so drastically, that meanwhile over 8 percent of young people and children suffer from high blood pressure.

Of course, this means that teenagers and children are now more frequent Cardiovascular diseases get sick, and even if this Diseases can now be cured better, it is still so a trend that should not be underestimated. The risk of complications from hypertension also increases in adolescents and children.

For a long time it was true youth to be extremely unusual to suffer from high blood pressure or a consequent cardiovascular disease, but because of the increasingly widespread obesity, the better than obesity should be known, it is no longer uncommon for adolescents and children to become ill and to be exposed to increased risks.

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Lose weight

Few adolescents have an illness than root cause, because, like most adults, there is hypertension. This means that adolescents and children suffer from high blood pressure without physical causes.

in the Normally in adolescents it is because they are overweight, that there is increased blood pressure (high blood pressure). Also factors like blood lipids or Diabetes mellitus – a sugar metabolism disorder – can play a role here.

We particularly recommend an immediate measure if the blood pressure is too high in adolescents with overweight F. X. Mayrkur, to quickly and healthily reduce blood pressure and obesity.

The consequences and risks of hypertension Adolescents and children and possible treatment options

Current studies show a terrifying trend, because even in children and adolescents the increased blood pressure can lead to the Calcify coronary arteries, thicken small vessels or even an enlarged heart occurs. As retaining symptoms too high blood pressure such as sleep disorders with the resulting tiredness, frequent a headache or chest pain.

In general got to every young person in this risk group from high blood pressure however, be assessed individually, because there are different, optimal blood pressure values ​​depending on age, weight and height.

Newborns and babies have blood pressure values ​​of about 75-85: 55-65 mmHg.

From around 3 years old the blood pressure values ​​should be around 95:60 mmHg.

From 10 years on is 100-105: 60-65 mmHg in the green.

14 years and older blood pressure should be around values ​​like 110: 70.

Adults have good values ​​with blood pressure values ​​around 130: 80 mmHg.

Conventional medicine
Children and adolescents are particularly at risk and suffering from hypertension with junk food

For high blood pressure in adolescents and children it is best to see a doctor who has the appropriate tables and correctly classify blood pressure and can determine the real risk. Since the cause is often due to obesity, treatment with hypertension with medication should be avoided and preferred strive for weight loss.

Especially one right nutrition is important here for the adolescents with high blood pressure, because many adolescents consume too much fat and instead do without vegetables and fruit. This increases the risk of developing hypertension at a young age.

Furthermore, too Sport is a good measure, to lower blood pressure in adolescents and reduce the risk.

Endurance sports in particular improve the performance of the heart and ensure that on the one hand the blood pressure values ​​go down again and the general performance of the children and adolescents is also improved.

For children and adolescents in particular, it can make sense to start with light guns (after consultation with their doctor or therapist) to avoid the risks to cushion high blood pressure, because nature’s pharmacy also has many substances in store for you, who can give at least some relief from their symptoms and minimize the risk of complications.

On our self-help portal for hypertension patients, we show a wide variety of solutions traditional Chinese medicine, traditional European medicine, of Tibetan medicine on as well as possible relief from Home remedies and remedies from around the world, also and especially in adolescents and children.


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