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During his lifetime, millions of women lay at Adolf Hitler’s feet. Nevertheless, the Nazi dictator is said to have had little – if any – sexual relations with the female sex. It is considered certain that Hitler did not give birth to his own children. There are various speculations about the reasons for this.

Alexander, Louis and Brian are Adolf Hitler’s great-nephews. Their father William Patrick Hitler (1911-1987), a nephew of the dictator, had discarded the disgraceful name of their hated relative shortly after the Second World War. BILD met Adolf Hitler’s last living descendants, who lived in seclusion in the USA.

Frenchman wanted to be Hitler’s son

After the defeat of the Third Reich and the discovery of the incomprehensible crimes against humanity, probably no one would voluntarily profess to be a blood relative of the murderous tyrant. And yet at the end of the 1970s a Frenchman came forward who claimed of himself: “I am the son of Adolf Hitler”.

Jean-Marie Loret (1918-1985) stated that his mother had been seduced by a German soldier in 1917 at the age of 16. His name: Adolf Hitler!

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It was not until the 1950s that his mother confided the secret to him. In fact, there were indications of a possible relationship: Loret had the same blood type as Hitler, and there was also a certain resemblance to the dictator.

The German ancestor researcher Ralf G. Jahn took care of the matter in his book “Hitler’s Family Secret”. He told the newspaper “Welt”: “A genetic-biological report by the University of Heidelberg (…) did not produce an unequivocal result for lack of genetic material (…) at the time”. Nevertheless, the expert came to the conclusion: “However, there are numerous indications and testimonies to the Loret case which I list in my book. And these are enough to refute the Frenchman’s assertion.”

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Was Hitler even procreative?

It also seemed questionable for a long time whether Hitler was biologically able to produce offspring. Doubts were raised by a medical report from 1923. Shortly after the failed Munich coup, prison physician Dr. Josef Brinsteiner examined the then prisoner on remand Hitler. The physician noted in writing that Hitler had only one testicle (“right-sided cryptorchidism”). However, doctors agree that a single testicle is completely sufficient for reproductive purposes.

More obvious are speculations that Hitler was completely incapable of forging closer ties with women.

One of the few women with whom Hitler is said to have had a sexual relationship was his niece Angela “Geli” Raubal. Geli, who was almost 30 years younger, lived for a while with her uncle and guardian in a 9-room apartment in Munich.

On September 17, 1931, according to witnesses, there was a loud quarrel between Raubal and Hitler – one day later, the 23-year-old shot herself with Hitler’s pistol. Long after Raubal’s death, rumors of abnormal sexual practices continued to make the rounds that Hitler allegedly demanded of his niece.

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“Order Speer, that I love him.

Some scientists believe they know why Hitler did not want close relationships with women – in their opinion, the dictator was actually homosexual.

The Bremen historian Lothar Machtan dedicated an entire book to this circumstance (“Hitler’s Secret: The Double Life of a Dictator”). Machtan assumes that Hitler had a number of “homoerotic friendship relationships” in the 1920s.

It is considered certain that Hitler maintained a special affection for his court architect and later arms minister Albert Speer. The dictator once told his master builder about Field Marshal Erich Milch: “Order Speer, that I love him”.

But it is also a fact that Hitler liked to and often surrounded himself with women. However, intimate encounters have probably rarely or never taken place.

Last time, a statement by Alice Schwarzer caused a stir. The journalist and editor of the women’s magazine “Emma” interviewed the actress Romy Schneider, who died in 1982, five years before her death. In the interview, the actress revealed a bed affair between her mother Magda and Hitler.

Leni Riefenstahl was also accused of having an affair with the Nazi beast. The ex-NS filmmaker (“Triumph of the Will”) herself denied having had sexual interest in Hitler. According to historians, Hitler was interested in the wife of Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels Magda, but nothing is known about an intimate relationship.

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Humiliated by the dictator

The only woman who is vouched for is Eva Braun, who was permanently within the sphere of influence of the Nazi leader. Both met in 1929 and are said to have been a couple since 1932. However, the relationship was kept secret from the public until the end – if there was any question of a relationship at all. Eva Braun is said to have suffered extremely from the fact that Hitler kept her hidden. In addition, the dictator had often humiliated her, and there was said to have been regular quarrels. At least once, the 23-year younger woman attempted suicide.

In the end, however, she succeeded: On April 29, 1945 Braun married the dictator in the Berlin bunker and became Mrs. Hitler. One day later, the newlyweds took their lives together.

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