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Braces for adults: What costs does the health insurance cover??

by Claudia Galler
written on April 23, 2018

Even in adulthood, the desire for straight teeth can still be fulfilled (© – fotolia) Braces for adults are no longer uncommon today. This jameda health tip shows when health insurers share the costs and to what extent expensive and cheap braces differ.

Assumption of costs by the health insurance companies

As a rule, health insurance companies do not cover dental braces for adults. Exceptions are severe jaw anomalies, which require coordinated orthodontic and orthodontic treatment, e.g. B. in congenital malformations, bone-related miss bites and injured jaw deformities. Here, the statutory health insurance company pays a standard treatment after approval by an estimate.

The patient initially pays 20% of the costs himself, after the treatment this portion is reimbursed. Even in these severe cases, braces are almost never free. The insured person bears all extras that arise beyond the standard treatment.

That’s how much braces cost

In total, you have to expect several thousand euros for an orthodontic treatment. Depending on the extent of the tooth misalignment, the brace material used, the additional services desired and the costs for the subsequent retention phase, the price range is 1000-8000 euros.

The orthodontist determines exact prices in an individual report. It must be clarified in individual cases whether additional dental insurance pays a subsidy for orthodontic treatment.

Can you save abroad?

If you want to save money and want a brace to be used not in Germany but abroad, you should do the math: Although the costs may be lower in comparison, you should pay attention to a high medical standard based on the German model and additional costs. This means that several appointments are necessary before the clip is inserted. Even during treatment, the brace must be readjusted regularly and dental and oral health checked. Time and money spent on travel and accommodation must be taken into account here.

Removable braces are an inconspicuous alternative to fixed braces for many adults (© Brigitte Meckle) Removable braces for slight malpositions

Removable braces are generally cheaper than fixed braces. They are suitable for correcting minor tooth misalignments and require particularly consistent patient cooperation. Because it only works when it is worn.

There are the classic variants made of a plastic body with fixed wires that can be adjusted regularly.

The so-called clear aligners are transparent plastic rails. Since they cannot be readjusted, they are manufactured every two to three weeks.

Fixed braces are more expensive in comparison

The simplest and cheapest form of fixed braces consists of stainless steel brackets that are glued to the outside of the teeth and metal wires that provide the necessary tension. All other variants allow more comfort and are therefore more expensive. So you can choose highly elastic wires, self-alloying bracket systems, tooth-colored plastic brackets or clear ceramic brackets. With the lingual technique, the brackets can also be discreetly attached to the inside of the teeth.

Which additional services are incurred?

In addition to the cost of the brace, there are usually dental services such as professional tooth cleaning, sealing the teeth with fluoride varnish, special X-rays and the use of a retainer. For post-treatment or stabilization of the result, the patient can choose between a removable and fixed retainer.

Medical expenses are tax deductible according to §33 EstG

In the income tax return, private expenses such as medical expenses can be claimed from the tax office if they are necessary and exceed a certain limit. The limit depends on gross annual income, marital status and the number of children living in the household.

This article is for general information only, not for self-diagnosis, and is not a substitute for a doctor’s visit. It reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of jameda GmbH.

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