Advantages – dangers of teeth whitening

All advantages and dangers of tooth whitening at a glance. In our culture, white teeth are part of the ideal of beauty. In addition to well-groomed skin, they are the visible sign of health and attractiveness. Unfortunately, it is not quite so easy to keep flawless teeth throughout one’s life. Many colourants from coffee or tea, smoking or medication can penetrate into the enamel and discolour the teeth, even with good dental care.

Even teeth that are considered dead after root canal treatment can become darker. To get whiter teeth again, many people use tooth whitening. There are completely different methods that are more or less promising. Tooth bleaching is absolutely trendy, the question remains as to whether it is suitable for everyone and what dangers it entails.

What is Bleaching?

In general, the whitening of teeth is summarized under this term. As a rule, the whitening agent carbamide peroxide is used for whitening. The hydrogen peroxide contained in the bleaching agent is comparable to substances that also whiten hair. It is applied in the form of a gel, bleaching agents sold in pharmacies or drugstores are less dosed than with tooth whitening performed by the dentist.

Advantages and dangers of teeth whitening.

Professional tooth bleaching – Office bleaching

This is done in the dental practice or in beauty clinics, two methods are used. Office bleaching is the treatment that takes place exclusively in the practice. After a thorough examination of the teeth, the dentist applies the bleaching agent directly to the teeth and the gel has to act for about twenty minutes. Then two to four more sessions are necessary to achieve the desired whitening, depending on the condition of the teeth. With power bleaching, one session may be sufficient. Here a highly concentrated gel is applied, the teeth are irradiated with UV light to accelerate the effect. After one hour you can already achieve a good result, but this power bleaching has its price.

Professional tooth bleaching – Home bleaching

With this method, the dentist makes plastic splints and takes impressions of the teeth beforehand. The gel is applied to the splint at home and, depending on the dosage, it is worn by the hour or at night. Depending on the concentration of the gel, the process takes about two to three weeks. In between, the dentist checks the result and the condition of the teeth. Patients also have to pay for the method, which is not covered by health insurance.

Bleaching with over-the-counter products

If you are afraid of going to the dentist or want to save money, you can use various bleaching agents that are available in pharmacies or drugstores. With these means one can accomplish the Bleaching in own direction. So-called White Strips promise tooth whitening as well as tooth whitening pencils with which the gel is applied to the teeth. Bleaching sets consist of plastic rails that are filled with gel to whiten the teeth evenly. In all products on the market, the gel used is less aggressive to prevent damage to the necks of the teeth.

Risks of tooth whitening

The first prerequisite is intact teeth, which should be examined in any case before use. The enamel can suffer from the treatment in the long run and there is a risk of gingivitis if the bleaching agent comes into contact with the gums. During the treatment, teeth are often very sensitive and react painfully to cold or heat. With carious teeth, there is a risk that the tooth nerve will be damaged. In order to exclude all these dangers, it is advisable in any case to have the condition of the teeth examined before the treatment.

Bleaching Advantages

  • Discoloration of the teeth can be treated
  • Well-groomed appearance with beautiful teeth
  • More self-confidence
  • Power bleaching requires little time
  • Determining success yourself with home products

Bleaching Disadvantages

  • High costs of professional bleaching
  • No health insurance subsidies
  • Frequent visits to the dentist
  • The treatment lasts only a limited period of time.
  • Sensitivity of the teeth up to gum inflammations

For a beautiful smile

Those who suffer from the discoloration of their teeth may be inhibited and no longer want to show their teeth to laugh. In the long run, this leads to cramping and weakens self-confidence. Tooth whitening can help here, beautiful teeth increase the attractiveness. A thorough inspection or treatment of the teeth before a tooth bleaching can exclude dangers.

Bleaching Costs

A professionally performed bleaching process costs several hundred euros, they vary in amount and start at around 200 euros. Products for personal use are cheaper, but less dosed.

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