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Advent calendars belong to the Christmas season like Wham!, fairy lights and gingerbread. Especially for children they are of course indispensable. And let’s be honest: even in adulthood they don’t lose their fascination. The selection is now huge and it is not so easy to decide on a calendar. We have therefore looked at many, many Advent calendars for you and put together the most beautiful ones here. Of course, we also discovered some really great calendars for babies and toddlers, which we would like to introduce to you.

The most beautiful Advent calendars 2019 – for babies and (small) children

If you would rather make your own Advent calendar and/or fill it, we will also be happy to help. Because we have also found some great (empty) calendars to fill. We also have some tips for you on how to do handicrafts as well as lots of ideas how to fill the advent calendar for your child.

Advent calendar – suitable from which age?

Whether and when smaller children should have an Advent calendar is often discussed in the various parent forums. The question is often whether the child needs to understand the Christmas story or whether it is not enough for children to enjoy opening a little door every day and finding a little surprise.

Many parents give an Advent calendar for the first time when their children are about 1.5 or 2 years old. Especially with younger children you can start rather small instead of elaborately filled calendars and daily gifts or sweets and give e.g. an Advent calendar with pictures.

Advent calendars filled with sweets are – at least according to our personal experience – not too recommendable for small children anyway. We don’t really care about the sugar they contain. But much more about the tears that roll when the entire calendar cannot be “nibbled on” directly. Especially for younger children, it is sometimes difficult to see why you get a whole calendar full of chocolate and then only eat a tiny piece of it every day. With toys or books, on the other hand, the temptation isn’t quite as great to open all the doors at once.

In addition, babies and very young children should of course make sure that the calendar does not contain any small parts that can be swallowed. That’s actually not that easy, but now there is a small and beautiful selection. Since these calendars are much more difficult to get than those for older children, it is advisable to buy your desired calendar early. As always with seasonal articles calendars become more favorable, the longer one waits. But there is also the danger that the calendars will be sold out. In recent years this has been the case and the most popular children’s advent calendars have actually sold out relatively quickly.

We have selected Advent calendars especially for babies and toddlers, which are also suitable for the very little ones:

Advent calendar for babies and toddlers (approx. 0-3 years)

Almost all Advent calendars are marked with a note “from 3 years” because they almost always contain small parts that can be swallowed. Sometimes there is also the note “only under parental supervision to use” – but who can guard the whole Christmas season over a calendar? In many calendars (such as Playmobil, Lego and Co.) the parts can be quite small, so you should take the hint seriously. Self-filled calendars are therefore often the better alternative – they can be equipped with Pixi books, Lego Duplo or Clementines, for example. A few Advent calendars, which are suitable for children under 3 years of age, are available in the meantime. Here you can see 5 particularly beautiful examples:

Cheeky Friends Organic Snacks

Advent calendar by Freche Freunde (picture from 2018)

Surely most people with babies and very young children know this brand. After all, very few of us at the drugstore pass them by and they are (rightly) very popular with children.

Last year “Freche Freunde” sold an Advent calendar for the first time – filled with crisps, fruit bars and many other delicious snacks for children. Within a very short time the Advent calendar was completely sold out.

Also in this year there is again a calendar of “Freche Freunde”. Probably it will be sold out as fast as last year. It’s still available, though – so if you really want it, hurry up and buy it.

VTech TutTut Speedster and TipTap Animals

Vtech Advent Calendar TutTut Baby Speedster 2018

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