Advent poems – verses, rhymes and poems during advent

Advent poems - verses, rhymes and poems during Advent

Contemplative Advent poems to enjoy and dream

We offer the perfect Advent poem for children and adults: Get hold of poems and verses for the whole family for Advent – to get in the mood for Christmas, to read and enjoy, to memorize for the little ones or to write Christmas cards. In short: You will find the most beautiful and popular Advent poems in one collection!

Just like baking cookies and decorating the Christmas tree, Advent poems are an indispensable part of the contemplative Christmas celebration. The children memorize beautiful poems and then proudly present them in front of the decorated tree. We adults like to write poems so that we can send them to our loved ones in combination with a loving Christmas greeting. Poems have to be simple and perfectly round off the contemplative days before and on Christmas Eve. There are numerous well-known Christmas poems that we know from childhood and that we hear every year. So how about giving you new verses and making your relatives, friends and acquaintances happy? No well-known phrases and partly hackneyed verses, but really modern and very profound poems that go to the heart and maybe even move to tears. We offer you at a variety of beautiful contemplative Advent poems to enjoy and dream, with which you can really bring Christmas magic into the decorated room. Take a look at our many heavenly Advent poems, which are perfect for solemn lectures as well as for speeches and Christmas cards.

In our many different sections, every friend gets their money’s worth, because our Advent poems are first-class with a lot of feeling and style. Enhance your personal Christmas wishes with a magical Advent poem or search together with the children for suitable verses that perfectly round off the Advent Sundays before the big festival. Believe in the power of poetic words and convey a very special message with your magical poems. By the way, our lines are free of charge and can be used freely. So take your time looking for the perfect Advent poem, which you can then convey to your loved ones at the right moment. We are convinced that you will make hearts beat faster and that your effort and creativity will be greatly appreciated during the peaceful Christmas season.

The most beautiful advent poems for children and adults

Of course, it is nice to refer to well-known Christmas poems from time to time, which maybe even the grandparents in front of the Christmas tree have already given. This awakens memories and increases the anticipation for the coming Christmas Eve. Here at we offer you many wonderful poems for the advent season, which contain both traditional elements but are also very modern. We are convinced that both the grandparents and the little schoolmates will enjoy our beautiful text templates and will listen enthusiastically to the impressive Advent poems. Convince yourself and go through our section of Advent poems for children and adults. You will surely find the right verses that you want to deliver on a leisurely Sunday in Advent.

Our Advent poems are suitable for young and old, for festive speeches and greeting cards. You alone decide how best to stage your chosen poem and thus make others happy. One thing is certain in any case: your verses will cause enthusiasm and will surely be carried in your heart for a long time. What is nicer than making others happy with powerful, heartfelt words? Help yourself to our contemplative Advent poems for the whole family and sweeten your loved ones’ waiting for the approaching Christmas Eve.

It is Advent
The flowers have bloomed in the valley, the birds have moved home;
The sky hovers so gray and pale, cold waves roar.
And yet there is no suffering in the heart: it is Advent!

There is hope in the world, strong, happy hope;
that closes tent on the poor and opens palaces;
the smallest child who knows the cause: it is advent!

Advent, Advent, you lark song from Christmas spring hour!
Advent, Advent, you sound of bells from the new covenant of grace!
You sent the morning ray from God! It is Advent!
Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger

From the sky to the deepest fissures
A mild star is laughing down;
The tree is burning, a sweet smell
Floats dreamily through the air,
And the night will be candlelight.

My heart is so happy,
This is dear Christmas time!
I hear church bells from afar
Temptingly tempting me at home
In fairytale silence.

A pious spell holds me again,
I have to stand adoring and amazed;
It sinks on my eyelids
A golden child’s dream come down,
I feel a miracle has happened.
Theodor Storm

Shining trees, blinding trees,
Sweetness everywhere.
Moving in the shine,
Arousing old and young hearts –
Such a festival is given to us.
Some gifts adore jewelry;
We look up and down in amazement,
Back and forth and over and over again.

But, prince, if you come across it
And an evening blessing you,
That as lights, that as flames
All of you shone together
Everything you targeted,
All who are committed to you:
With elevated mental gaze
You felt wonderful delight.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A Christmas carol is blowing in the snow
Quiet over city and fields,
Starry sky,
And the winter fog is pulling
Around the dark pine forests.

A Christmas scent is blowing in the snow
Dense flakes make you dreamy,
Fills the heavy winter air
And calls from soft clouds
The sound of church bells is gentle.

A Christmas child walks through snow
Loving about cold earth,
Go there and smile mildly,
Hoping that we are kind
And humanity is getting better.
Hilde Fürstenberg

Once upon a time there was a Santa Claus,
With his lap it was too early.
The poor man was somehow confused
And had even been wrong about the date of the calendar.
There were gifts before Christmas,
But they were all a great joy.
The greatest joy is very often
The gift that is spontaneous and unexpected.
unknown author

When the leaves fall from the tree,
and the autumn wind sweeps through the country,
slowly fill the shelves,
Christmas scent fills the country.

Wherever I look Santa Clauses,
Speculoos, marzipan,
can’t see it anymore,
why are you doing this to us?

Not long, you’ll see it,
the rabbit stands under the tree,
hangs the eggs on the needles,
it can hardly get worse.
Heinz Bornemann

Winter has arrived,
the grove has fallen silent;
Now let us in the room
please a song.
That glitters and flickers
and glows so white,
it reflects the sun
in the sparkling ice.
We slide over it
on flashing steel
and sledding and cheering
from the hill into the valley.
And the evening descends,
we go home cheering
into the cozy little room
for baked apple feast.

The four candles are burning, four adventes there now,
it all seems so beautiful and so wonderful.
But let’s not forget the world’s problems,
it’s not about gifts or Christmas money.
I’m talking about diseases, poverty and suffering,
this is not rare, but far and wide.
We should help everyone, and not just now,
whoever sees the misery is certainly appalled.
So let’s gather at the Advent bazaar,
sell to the poor, they would be grateful to us.
Christmas is coming, the feast of love,
it is not much that I have left now.
I don’t have to think about the idea I get:
I just wish everything was at peace.
unknown author

Here you will find poems and verses for the contemplative Christmas season for Advent

Only here with us at do you have such a selection of first-class and impressive poems. We have made it our mission to make the pre-Christmas season a little more beautiful for you and offer wonderful, multi-faceted sections of Advent poems that you can take on for free. Only here for Advent you will find poems and verses for the contemplative Christmas season, with which you can give your friends, relatives and acquaintances a real pleasure.

Give your stylishly designed Christmas card an uplifting input by inserting a beautiful poem and making hearts beat faster, inspire all your colleagues at the annual business Christmas party with unique verse or look forward to the bright faces of the children when they are yours Share your favorite verses. With our Advent poems you really bring the Christmas spirit into the house and let the joy of Christmas Eve rise even further. We present poems to you for this year’s Christmas mail, for children to memorize and recite as well as for adults to read, enjoy and work.

You don’t have to run from store to store to find beautiful Christmas cards, but you can freely inspire and use them. You definitely won’t go wrong with an Advent poem for Christmas, because it hits the heart and always has a very special effect on your recipients. So go for the search for a wonderful poem for Advent, which still makes the pre-Christmas season a little more beautiful.

It guides you through the winter time
A light of great glory
It will seem four times to you
Now remember your loved one.
Four candles stand in December
If we look at the calendar
With good wishes and gifts
Your loved ones think of you.
And so we sing happy songs
Kneel down in front of our master
Advent in glory
Oh, beautiful Christmas time.
unknown author

Christmas carols and cookie scent
Hanging in the air again.
Promise us: it will be so soon,
It is Advent, the Christmas season.
What is the most important thing in Advent?
– Cookies and that a candle is burning?
The most important thing is contemplation!
unknown author

The heart widens, opens the door:
Four candles burn on the wreath,
the healing time is near again,
I am there with my congratulations,
You mustn’t despise him:
Blessed Christmas!
unknown author

Listen, heavenly songs are ringing
Lovely to the earth:
In the holy night
God’s love watches!
In the festive sound of the bells
Is there a jubilant exultation:
Grace will come to us today
During Christmas time!
Who are so faithful to the Savior,
May you embrace them all
At the tree of lights
Blessed childhood dream!
Julius Gersdorff

When there are cookies on the table
and fir wreaths decorate candles,
when even the sounds go on,
the suffering, the pain, are forgotten,
when small gifts delight us
and Nicholas fills the boots,
when icicles decorate the windows
and white splendor veiled the country,
that is the time everyone knows,
the incomparable Advent.
unknown author

The knocking
A man knocks on a door, but nobody opens it
Everyone is silent, especially here in Vienna.
The man he speaks he begs and begs and has already bogged down in contradiction.
He would find no place to sleep and no rest,
That’s why he craves admission that night, no matter what you do to him.
He is certain of contempt for man, he disturbs the festival the fair,
Whoever knocks so late that night is outrageous – he’s begging for his money.
Out there with you poor man, we want to enjoy here,
You bring us fear and resentment, it would be better you would not annoy us.
There remains silence, shame remains, the man goes his own way,
He tried, what more can he do as if it were up to him.
The tree in the house did not want to shine, it offered atmosphere to people today,
Suddenly there was a dull feeling of deceptive emptiness in the room.
unknown author

Wintry snow whispers
The forest and the fields are cold and bleak
Crystals shimmer between branches
Who lean to the floor
Bells ring in the distance
Stars shine faithfully in the sky
The world bathed in atmospheric light
Gently breathed in by peace and joy
The day of the Lord in holiness
Christmas is not far away
People find themselves in friendship
Grief, hardship disappearing into nothing
That’s how we think every year
Lord of Jesus Christ always
Angel sound from the sky resounds
Through the cold silver forest
Burn four candles in Advent
For all the people we know,
In the rooms, on the tables,
Shouldn’t go out before tomorrow
With star anise and nut and cloves,
Our wreath should not wither either
The Almighty watches over us
We are waiting for Christmas night.
unknown author

Raise the pre-Christmas mood … – with a magical Advent poem from our collection!

What would a contemplative Christmas be without magical poems solemnly performed in front of the decorated tree? We from think that beautiful verses belong to Christmas, like the witch to the gingerbread house, so we offer you many first-class Advent poems with which you can really lift the Christmas spirit. Take a look at our huge collection of beautiful poems, which you can freely inspire and use. It is a pleasure for us to be able to provide you with so many impressive Advent verses and we would be delighted to be able to beautify the time before Christmas a little for you and your family. Enjoy the Advent season with a contemplative and special Advent poem – Various rhymes and verses for Advent are available for the whole family in different variations!

Our Advent poems are written with a lot of heart and feeling, which will be particularly well received in the most beautiful time of the year. People are usually more sensitive and enjoy the glamor of the festival, so that wonderful verses touch and warm hearts faster. Make your relatives, friends and acquaintances a great pleasure and send a great Advent poem in written or oral form to share your thoughts and love.

The great thing about our website is that you can find all the beautiful poems in just one collection. So you don’t have to search long to make your favorite lines your own. Whether you want to take just one or more poems from our collection – our offer is large and varied and every friend of beautiful poetry will get his money’s worth!

Once upon a time there was a bell,
she made tree, tree
and there was once a flake,
as quiet as in a dream.

As quiet as in a dream
and fell quietly as a thousand,
then the whole earth was white,
than from the angel fluff.

The whole earth was white
than from the angel fluff.
Christian Morgenstern

It is Advent
Do you look out the window,
it looks cold and gloomy
But a little light burns on the table,
then you know right away, it’s Advent
Because the calendar shows you,
four candles burn in December
For nuts, apples, fir branches,
flutes, harps and also violins can be heard
Because these four special candles,
create light in your heart
When angels sing in the sky,
when their voices sound bright
When it finally snows outside,
then the best time of the year comes
And this time that everyone knows,
is December, Advent
Contemplation by candlelight,
joy speaks from all hearts
Did you hear the angelic sound?,
then the Christ child will come soon.
unknown author

The doors are locked so tight, so tight,
That I can’t open one more.
They closed people, books and sins.
You will never open up to me in life.
Past is stronger than my strength
And keep the locks everyone and me in custody.
She stole the keys from me
And do not want to let me free and not to you.
– And the doors are all locked too,
I can feel a touch of your being.
Now the soul longs for you without rest,
If she can’t come to you, come to her you.
Who stepped in front of Thomas with the doors closed:
See, Lord, the soul is waiting for your deed!
Wilhelm Langewiesche

Apple, nut and almond kernel,
We like people.
Advent is bitterly cold after all,
It’s not just about thinking about ourselves,
Like the animals, out in the forest,
As well as the birds that stay with us
And should be apple, nut and almond kernel
Share with them!
unknown author

Autumn has not yet fully escaped,
But as a servant Ruprecht, yes
Winter is coming,
And soon from the middle of snow
Sounds of the sled bell’s tone.

And what recently, far and near,
Looked down at us in color,
Towers, roofs and branches are white,
And the year is running out,
And the nicest festival is here.

Day you the birth of the Lord,
You are still far from us today,
But fir trees, angels, flags
Let us already guess the day,
And we can already see the star.
Heinrich Theodor Fontane

There are so wonderful white nights,
all things in it are silver.
Some stars shimmer so softly,
as if he brought pious shepherds
to a new baby Jesus.

As with dense demant dust
sprinkled, the hall and flood appear,
and in the heart, dreamy,
a chapelless belief rises,
who quietly does his miracles.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Knecht Ruprecht
I come from outside of the forest;
I have to tell you, it is very Christmas!
Everywhere on the fir tips
I saw little golden lights sitting;
And out of the gate of heaven
saw the Christ child with wide eyes;
And how I stroll through the dark fir,
Then it called me in a clear voice:
“Servant Ruprecht,” it cried, “old companion,
raise your legs and hurry up!
The candles start to burn,
the heavenly gate is opened,
Old and young should now
rest once from the hunt of life;
And tomorrow I’m flying down to earth,
because it should be Christmas again! ”
I said: “O dear Lord Christ,
my trip is almost over;
I should only go to this city,
where there’s always good children. "
– “Do you have the sack with you too?”
I said: “The sack is here:
Because apples, nuts and almond kernels
pious children like to eat. ”
– “Do you have the tail with you too?”
I said: “The rod is here;
But for the children only, the bad ones,
it hits the right part. ”
Christkindlein said: “So it is right;
So go with God, my faithful servant! ”
I come from outside of the forest;
I have to tell you, it is very Christmas!
Now speak how I find it inside!
Are good children, are bad children?
Theodor Storm

The holy three kings from the east,
They asked in every town:
“Where’s the way to Bethlehem,
you dear boys and girls? ”
The young and old, they didn’t know,
the kings moved on,
they followed a gold star,
it shone sweetly and cheerfully.
The star stops over Josef’s house,
there they went in;
the little ox roars, the little child screams,
the holy three kings sang.
Heinrich Heine

Popular poems for Advent or Advent – search and find HERE!

"Advent, Advent, a little light is burning …" – Don’t you think that contemplative Advent poems simply belong in the run-up to Christmas? Whether in a lovely greeting card or just classically presented. We at want to enhance your festive season a little and offer you in our large collection many popular poems for Advent and for the whole family. Look for a wonderful input for your Christmas card or browse together with your children or grandchildren for impressive verses, which will then be given on a leisurely Sunday in Advent. In this section every friend of beautiful poems will surely find what they are looking for and can already look forward to expressing their verses in style to their loved ones.

Whether short or long Advent poems, very profound or more loosely worded verses and rhymes for the pre-Christmas season – you will find everything your heart desires. Impress your colleagues with a perfectly designed Christmas message or share your pre-Christmas joy and thoughts with an impressive poem, which you can only find at We are convinced that you will definitely score points and that your magical words will quickly become anchored in the hearts of your recipients. So go ahead and look for the perfect verse for a perfect Christmas message!

Winter has arrived
And took away
Earth’s green dress;
Snow is on flower buds,
No leaf is on the trees,
Freezes the rivers far and wide.
Sounds suddenly sound
And happy chants
Bright through the winter night.
In huts and palaces
Is all around in green branches
A colorful spring woke up.
I love to see it shine
with all the rich wreaths
the green Christmas tree;
with the child’s expression,
illuminated by light and lust;
there is hardly any nicer joy!
Robert Reinick

The windows are brightly lit.
The house and courtyard are snow-covered
And everyone feels in the heart
Peace and contemplation.

The streets are deserted today
Fir trees loom darkly
Peaceful and with a bright sheen
There is powder white snow on it.

Out of the houses, out of the parlors
You can hear peaceful singing
Stars shine in the sky
For a Christmas, sweet sound.

It is Advent, the world in silence
There is no room for sadness
And everyone feels in the heart
Joy and comfort.
unknown author

Quiet in winter
Autumn fades forever, winter is coming
We see a glimmer, it’s from Santa Claus.
The first snow is falling over there, the new year brings blessings
The world in front of us is tender and covered in snow, a magic on all roads.

The hustle and bustle is what it grows at us, so stop in silence
Certainly there is also peace of Santa’s wish, so be it our will.
Out there with stiff vanity, contemplatively we go to the party,
we think of common ground, that would be the best for all of us.

What do you take with you from this time in the new year??
The magic quickly evaporates, in spring when you sunbathe.
Therefore enjoy the winter here, the magic in the silence,
Comfort and reverie are our will.
unknown author

The whole world is covered in snow,
I don’t have anything to look forward to,
The tree is abandoned in the field,
Has long since scattered its leaves.

The wind only goes on a quiet night
And shakes the tree,
Then he gently moves his tree top
And talks like in a dream.

He dreams of spring time in the future,
Of green and spring noise,
Where he in the new flower dress
There will be a rush to God’s praise.
Joseph von Eichendorff

Christmas time creates miracles.
In front of the village, covered in snow
every courtyard and every house,
Rowanberry, night after night
carries a hundred little lights, kindles,
they shine far out there.
Pay attention to his glory
nobody even in the winter horror,
the wind doesn’t blow it out,
all rays closely lined up –
Christmas time creates miracles.
Martin Griffin

The tall firs breathe hoarsely
in winter snow, and puffier
its shine nestles around all Reiser.
The white paths are getting quieter,
the cozy rooms more cozy.
Then the clock sings, the children tremble:
A log cracks in the green oven
and falls in clear thunderstorms,
and growing outside in the flakes of flakes
the white day forever.
Rainer Maria Rilke

The wind is blowing in the winter forest
The flock of flakes like a shepherd,
And some fir trees suspect how balde
She becomes pious and holy,
And listen out. The white ways
Stretch out the branches – ready,
And fends off the wind and grows against it
The one night of glory.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Green wreath with red candles
Shine of light in all hearts
Christmas carols, cookie scent
Cinnamon and stars in the air.
The garden is wearing his winter dress
who still has time for children?

People pack, tinker, run,
brood, search, run, buy,
cook, bake, roast, wash,
puzzling, whispering, whispering, snacking,
write letters, wishes, cards,
what they expect from you.

But why rush, hurry,
it is nicer to linger,
and above all think about it,
to give yourself a packet of time.
And please leave some space
for the Christ child under the tree!
Ursel Scheffler

This is how Advent poems come into their own perfectly – succinctly and appropriately attuned to Christmas …

Children in particular love reading Christmas poems, and they fill them with pride and joy. They memorize their favorite verses weeks before and can’t wait to finally share them with the family. With your children and grandchildren, look for short poems that appropriately address the topic and do not appear to be endless. Many classic Christmas poems are spread over numerous stanzas, which are difficult to grasp and convey, especially for the little friends of poetry. In this section we therefore offer you the right Advent poems written briefly, with which one can attune the Christmas Eve no less festively and contemplatively. Feel free to take a look and get accurate, precise and short Advent poems for children and adults!

Of course, our short Advent poems are not only suitable for the little ones. Perhaps you would like to briefly add a special touch to your lovely Christmas greeting or give your festive speech a certain something with a short poem. Take a look at and find poetic verses quickly, easily and free of charge, with which you can convey a fitting Christmas message that is at least as well received as longer poetic verses from our collection. Put the essentials in a nutshell with a few meaningful words and, with selected Advent poems, provide a short and concise phrase for joy and enthusiasm among your loved ones.

As soon as the first flame
the darkness breaks through
longing grows in us
for security and light.

Two candles on the advent wreath:
A happy shiver has awakened
oh, it will take a long time
up to Heil’gen Nacht.

Three candles on the advent wreath:
Many a gaze wanders into the heart
cries wistfully the past
back into candlelight.

Four candles on the advent wreath:
The hearts shine wide
glows from children’s eyes
the high Christmas season.
Josef Albert Stöckl

Imagine I saw the Christ Child!
It came from the forest, the hat full of snow,
with red frozen noses.
His little hands hurt,
because it carried a sack that was heavy,
dragged and rumbled after him.
You want to know what was inside?
Her nose, her prank pack –
do you think the sack is open??
Tied up to the top!
But there was certainly something nice in it!
It smelled like apples and nuts!
Anna Ritter

Advent, Advent,
The time it runs.
Candles burn brightly on the wreath,
To show us that very quickly now,
It is approaching, holy night.
Then it is accomplished even faster.
Consider: With calm and contemplation
Do you have much more of this wonderful time.
unknown author

Just as the stars illuminate the dark time for us,
Should we also pass on a little light,
Because in the Christmas time,
Can be determined,
Bring a little light great joy
Living in other people.
unknown author

Snow crystals: Oh how beautiful they are!
But when you take a closer look,
If they’re just water, they’ll freeze with some dust.
But you have to say, with all due respect:
Often the nicest things come from the simplest.
unknown author

Now the Christmas candles light up again
and awaken joy in all hearts.
Dear parents, these days,
what should we sing, what should we say?
We want to wish you holy celebrations
the most beautiful of the beautiful, the best of the good!
We want to thank you for all gifts
and still want you guys better.
Gustav Falcon

Give something with love,
Means thinking about the other.
That’s why Advent gives us a lot of time
And on top of that, opportunity,
Don’t run flat in the stress of the city,
Then only to buy soulless stuff,
But with homemade handicrafts
To warmly delight his loved ones.
unknown author

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning…
Advent, Advent,
a little light burns!
First one, then two, then three, then four,
then the Christ child is at the door!

Fir branches, candlelight
advent is near,
the best time to be happy
is finally back.
Be good day in and day out,
so that he comes – Santa Claus.
unknown author

The Christmas man
It smells of poppy seeds, it smells of mockery. Business is going badly.
Who buys from me here for Christmas – that’s what it’s about here.
The customer he comes, I rock him in delight, he should only buy!

Three peaks for two, I don’t care. Access as long as you live!
The times are good, the feelings, the blood, heated by a cozy atmosphere.
Now my lady! In the sales room in the warm, we are warm guilt.
unknown author

Write a contemplative Advent poem on an expressive Christmas card: Here you will find ready-made Christmas cards for a magical Christmas message in the Advent season …

Poems are not only happily recited, but also written in stylish greeting cards, which are then given to loved ones, friends and acquaintances. To ensure that your verses are shown to their best advantage and have the desired effect, we provide you with the following exemplary Christmas cards for you to look at and use as inspiration. Let us show you how you can successfully write an Advent poem in a Christmas card. With us you will find ready-made Christmas cards for your Advent mail – as inspiration and inspiration for writing personal and very individual Christmas cards.

The content of our finished Christmas cards is excellent and could already be given away. In addition to the loving wishes for the festival, it is above all the profound and beautiful Advent poem, which is perfectly shown on the menu. So do the same, choose a great poem from our large collection of first-class verses and add it to your personal Christmas card. Don’t you think that your warm personal wishes will be perfectly enhanced? We believe that emotional poetic Advent verses are an excellent input for any Christmas post and we believe that you will hit the bull’s eye. So help yourself from our large collection and insert your poem into your letter according to our templates. There is hardly a better way to share your thoughts and connectedness and warm your heart. If you already like our sample cards so much that you want to take them over immediately, don’t hesitate. Just remember to put a personal stamp on your Christmas mail.

Card 1

Dear Erni and dear Max + children,

we wish you a contemplative first Advent weekend. We hope that you can spend an atmospheric first Sunday in Advent with a hot cup of tea, fragrant mulled wine and the first delicious Christmas cookies. Take your time to think about the really important things in life, because that’s what matters most at Christmas …

Dear Advent greetings send you from the heart

Birgit and Heinz together with their family

Card 2

Dear Uncle Günther,

finally it is time again – the wonderful Advent has moved into the country and with it we reflect on the beautiful things in life. I hope that you too can experience a magical Advent season and spend a few quiet hours with your loved ones away from everyday stress.

Come well through the Christmas season – I wish you and your family all the best as well as a Merry Christmas and peaceful holidays!

Your godchild

These cards and card texts are subject to the copyright of Mag. Edith Helminger and may not be distributed, copied or published on other websites without permission. Violations will be punished!

The most beautiful words for Christmas – The most beautiful Advent sayings as well as greetings and wishes for Advent

Can’t get enough of our many beautiful Advent lines? Then you are in luck, because we offer you much more than just magical poems for a contemplative Advent season. On four other pages we also present beautiful Advent slogans as well as greetings and wishes for Advent, which you can also use quickly, easily and free of charge. So stay tuned and take a look at our many other Christmas text templates that will delight and delight you.

Upgrade your Christmas card with a unique Advent saying that moves and shines a smile on the face of the recipient. Or add wonderful Christmas greetings, which you can find in many different sections. All of our heavenly text templates were selected with great care and joy by us and really put both the author and the recipient in a Christmas mood. Take your time and let all the sayings, poems, wishes and greetings take effect on you. It is certainly not that easy for you to find the perfect one among so many magical lines. Design beautiful Christmas cards with special input, give your festive speech a fine-tuning and let your children proudly present our lines – our beautiful words for Christmas will enhance your Advent Sundays excellently and greatly enhance the waiting time for Christmas Eve.

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