Adventure bed 2020 – a playground in the children’s room

An adventure bed amazes children. Whether as a knight or princess – everyone can dream of their castle or castle. Racing drivers can also play in their own Formula 1 bed. These adventure beds offer everything in one – no matter if sleeping place, resting place or play island – the perfect symbiosis. But which cot is the right one? What is important in the selection? That clarifies our adventure bed guide.

Play and run around in your own adventure bed

What does an average bed look like? It has two sidebars, one head and one foot slatted and a mattress. This fully serves its purpose and creates a good sleeping environment for the child. But a bed can do much more – and even save space. It works with an adventure loft bed. So the child has a space in which to let off steam and experience new adventures every day and a bed at the same time. There are different designs for boys and girls that are guaranteed to stimulate the imagination of everyone.

There are countless design options from slides to curtains to attachments such as towers or fire brigade poles everything possible. And especially with a low-cost adventure loft bed, you can really save space and make perfect use of the available space. So you can create a cuddly cave under the bed or set up suitable utensils for the bed. Then every child is guaranteed to have fun and joy with the new adventure bed with slide.

Design tip: Wickeydream police bed

The Wickeydream police car bed Crazy Sparky Pro is a child’s bed of the extra class for an affordable price. It is made from natural Nordic pine and comes with a slatted floor and detailed installation instructions.

The mattress area of ​​200 × 90 centimeters is suitable for normal mattresses. To build it up you need some manual skill due to the sloping design – but still doable.

Important – security and stability

The age of the child is particularly important when choosing the right adventure bed. Especially when it comes to an adventure loft bed. Many experts only recommend this from the age of around 6 years. The risk of falling is simply too great for younger children. Because the little ones not only go up and down the bed in top shape, but also sleepy at night. Therefore, you should make sure that the ascent and descent is easy – i.e. on the distance of the rungs or steps. In addition, a grid around the adventure bed should be massive. This should be at least 15 inches high. Alternatively, you can also attach an elevated protective wall. Sometimes it is also advisable to leave out useful attachments such as a slide and slowly get the child used to the adventure loft bed.

Of course, stable processing is also important. Adventure beds made of solid wood are particularly recommended here. These definitely have a stable basic construction. Stable installation is also important – if you can’t do it yourself, don’t be afraid to have it done by a specialist. Only then can the child climb, hop and crawl carefree. You have maximum security when you fix the bed to the wall – so it has a stable stand.

However, the child’s preferences should be taken into account when making the selection. Because not every girl really likes a princess bed. You surely know that too. Nevertheless, one should pay attention to security features. The paints used should be free of solvents. If there is a GS test mark and / or a TÜV seal, you can be sure that the bed is child-friendly.

The attachments to the affordable adventure bed should also be firmly anchored and removable – then you can be sure that the bed will survive longer than just 3-4 years. Because one thing is clear – at some point pirates or princesses are no longer popular.

Accessories like slatted frame and mattress

Anyone who buys a new adventure bed cheap should pay attention to the mattress. This should be free of pollutants and if possible not too soft. Escaping pollutants particularly stress young bodies. If the mattress is not too soft, this prevents it from sinking too deeply and for a better grip. As a result, the child can simply breathe while sleeping, the spine is relieved and the child is guaranteed to sleep restfully.

The slatted frame is responsible for the ventilation of the mattress. In addition, a particularly flexible slatted frame ensures that the mattress is relieved at those places where a lot of weight is involved. A roller grille is particularly quick and easy to set up.

In summary – the best adventure bed

One thing can definitely be said – adventure beds are really all-round weapons – it’s one Furniture for romping, playing, reading, slumbering and also sleeping. You kill so many flies with one stone – especially in a small children’s room.

What is really important – especially with young children – is that adventure beds clearly stimulate the imagination. No matter if it is a little robber, racing driver, little fairy or princess. Especially children with a great urge to move can let off steam on the slide, on the climbing rope or on a swing. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to the preferences of the child when buying a new adventure loft bed.

It is also important that you buy low-pollutant or better pollutant-free and child-friendly materials when buying an adventure bed. It is best to buy models with a TÜV seal or GS test mark – this ensures certain quality standards.

If you have two children, the older one should sleep upstairs – most experts recommend adventure loft beds from the age of 6 years. Then you can sleep well even at night. Protection that prevents children from falling out is important. In addition, the bed should be securely attached to the wall.

Adventure loft beds – tips and more

The crowning glory of every little explorer in their own children’s room is an adventure bed – it is a bed and play equipment at the same time. In, around and on the bed you can play, let off steam or relax all day long. And at night, the adventure world turns into a comfortable bed. Many models are loft beds and consist of several levels. So the children are free to choose their place to sleep because with many models you can sleep both below and above. Often there is space for several children – so if friends stay overnight this is not a problem.

There are models in a wide variety of variants – whether a pirate bed for a boy or a real princess bed for girls. Almost all models are made of solid wood and are accordingly stable. Features such as slides, footbridges, tunnels, ladders or towers often create real adventure worlds. Sometimes there is also a crane, an oar or a pulley – so the children can really let off steam.

As already mentioned many times before, you should definitely make sure that all installed parts can be removed. Then you can continue to use the adventure bed with slide even after childhood. This is a real advantage, especially if the bed is already firmly attached to the wall.

Sometimes there are also adventure beds that grow with the child. These then grow with the age of the child. Initially they may be only 1.1 meters high – but can then be increased to 1.5 meters or even 2.0 meters. This ensures maximum flexibility.


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