Adventure holiday for children in bavaria, the resort friedrichshof

Friedrichshof: Adventure holiday for children in Bavaria

For children, there is nothing worse than boredom. At the numerous activities and possibilities of playing in the family hotel Friedrichshof, however, boredom is out of the question. Our varied program ensures that every day becomes a new adventure. We offer your kids more than a handful of reasons to put the game console aside. Our offers are not only a fun pastime, but also strengthen the self-esteem of your loved ones. Because what makes your child more proud than to build a bow and arrow with your own hands and then hit the target in archery? What makes welding together more than geocaching, the modern scavenger hunt? What gives the body a better boost than climbing? And where can your child have a better creative romp than in the wood workshop? The answer is simple: nowhere! Convince yourself and plan an adventure holiday for your children!

Adventure holiday for children between three and twelve years

Every week at the Friedrichshof a varied games and activities program especially for children between three and twelve years takes place. For infants under the age of three and babies, there is a babysitter that caters to the needs of the little ones. The care is included in the booking price. In addition, we offer much more. A very special offer is our activity program. You can perfectly combine the fun discovery and self-service offers with an adventure holiday for children in the Friedrichshof. It does not matter which offer you choose – the fact is that your child will enjoy himself royally. Make him happy and make sure your child has a lot to talk about after the holidays.

Adventure vacation in the footsteps of Robin Hood – Archery

Archery is much more than an Olympic sport. It forces the body and mind to become one and trains concentration. With us, you and your children can not only watch, but also lend a hand. Curious people who just want to give it a try are just as in good hands as ambitious people who want to prove that they can hit the target in the blink of an eye. In a relaxed atmosphere, there are theory and practice in archery for explorers from the age of six. Make a little Robin Hood out of your kid and make it proud to return to his friends after the adventure holiday says, “I can do archery.”

Bow and arrow construction: build the right equipment yourself

If you want to be an accurate archer, you need the right equipment. How good that Friedrichshof not only learns how to handle a bow, but also how to build it. Here your child can show that his craft is in him. In addition to knowledge of tools, it learns specifically what is important in sheet metal engineering and can try it out directly under expert guidance. In the end, your child holds a high-quality wooden bow, which will be very proud of it. Such a souvenir is only available here!

Children over the age of ten can not only build their bow, but also their arrows themselves. At the beginning you will receive many tips on the subject of arrow construction. Then choose from our assortment the right materials for your personal arrows. In the end, three unique arrows are created, which the children produce under expert supervision. With these unique pieces, the little ones will certainly hit the mark when it comes to archery – and if not, they will at least be happy about their professional arrows, which will be their pride and joy.

Family Adventure Geocaching – perfect for today’s explorers

Geocaching is often considered a modern scavenger hunt. You can lure even the most technically-minded children to the door. Equipped with a GPS receiver and the coordinates of a “treasure” from the Internet, you can find the camouflaged containers with logbook that has hidden from other adventurers in unusual places. As a result, children get to know nature in a playful way and fall into bed tired and happy in the evening. Geocaching is also a great way for your kids to meet new-age explorers. Because you experience the best adventures together. Of course, our geocaching offer will be led by responsible carers, who will guide the little adventurers safely out of the forest.

Adventure holiday: climbing programs for children – from the age of four

In the Friedrichshof even the youngest can learn how to climb. The course “Squirrel Learning Climbing” from the age of four is just one of our many family adventure offers that children of all ages can enjoy. The climbers train their sense of balance and develop trust in their partner. Of course, safety is our top priority. No prior knowledge is required to climb the walls well secured. Sporting can hardly be an adventure holiday for children. Just choose the right one for yourself and / or your child from our taster courses and start climbing. At Friedrichshof you can also book private lessons for up to four people with our climbing trainer.

The wood workshop – creativity without borders

During a visit to the wood workshop children learn much about the responsible and safe use of tools and get a good introduction to various craft techniques. In addition, they get to know wood and other natural materials and learn something about the importance of renewable raw materials. In the end, they bring something home-made with them, which they can use as a toy for themselves or give to their parents. The special feeling of having created something with your own hands and according to your ideas gives the children a lot of self-confidence. We offer a pedagogically valuable program that enables your child to work independently in a safe and fully equipped workplace. In this way, the fun of the works is guaranteed and makes a visit to the Werkkiste a special experience.

Children’s holiday on the Friedrichshof – contact us!

Would you like to know more about our offers? Then click through the pages and create the perfect holiday experience for your children according to your own wishes. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to stay up to date, just subscribe to our newsletter, which regularly includes attractive offers. We look forward to welcoming you in the future!

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