Adventure playground for children to play outdoors

It’s finally time to play outdoors! We will show you how you can creatively design an outdoor children’s playground with the following inspiration examples. We have prepared 50 cool and interesting ideas for an outdoor adventure playground, with which we would like to help you create an oasis in the garden for your children. With the help of natural materials, old household items and ropes you can create a fantastic play area for the little ones.

create an adventure playground for your children

Do you remember what you liked to play as a child? Did you also have a tree house? The children love to hide and everyone dreams of their own little hut. The little girls like to play the role of a teacher, for which you can bring a small DIY chalkboard on the garden wall. Another popular role that girls like to play is the role of the mother. You can build a small play area with a DIY kitchen from old boxes, or from pallets yourself and set up the kitchen unit with some old and unused household items, such as pots, pans and dishes. The boys are usually more active and games related to running, climbing and jumping are more interesting for them. Ultimately, everyone loves to play and if a playground is designed to offer more activities and different play areas, then our children will be even happier to play outdoors.

Playing outdoors – a cool idea for colorful play areas in the garden

transform the garden into an adventure playground for children

In order to set up a dream garden and dream playground for your children, it is best to use natural materials, such as wood and stones, with which you can build various play equipment yourself or define a natural play area without much effort. See how you can build a children’s playground yourself and design it with DIY swings, seesaws, climbing walls or sandpit. A few old car or truck tires can help you very well. We have prepared some examples that show interesting solutions for DIY play equipment with the use of car tires. If your garden is flat and you want to make an artificial hill, then the tires are ideal for this. Different types of swings and even a climbing wall can also be easily and easily built with car tires. You can also paint them and make them even more beautiful and interesting for the children. Speaking of which, when it comes to painting, you can involve your children. Don’t forget that you are making the playground for them. The children are creative enough to help us with ideas. Let your children help you with the construction of the play equipment or the play area. It will be an interesting learning activity for them.

tinker with children – garden decoration for playing outdoors

Ideas for designing a children’s playground with a DIY swing and colored wooden blocks

Do you remember the bouncy games like heaven and hell, letter shop, limp pot or bouncy snail? With a few stones you can make them creatively as part of the garden design. Another interesting idea that you will find under the following pictures for a cool children’s playground is a DIY water mattress, on the the Children will walk, lie and jump calmly. We show another creative idea for a simple play area with a net that you can stretch between the trees. We hope that we have inspired you to build an outdoor adventure playground for your children yourself shape.

Idea for children’s outdoor games as garden design

cool idea for children’s playground in the garden with sandpit and blackboard

Garden design with chalk board as an outdoor playground

fantastic idea for children’s playground with DIY children’s swing made from car tires

Paint car tires brightly and use them as a hill for a children’s playground

Idea for DIY adventure playground

DIY rope bridge for the children’s playground

Children’s outdoor games – DIY rope net in the garden to play outdoors

Net as a cool idea for the children’s playground

the garden as your outdoor playground

DIY water mattress to play outdoors

Build wooden play equipment yourself – idea for designing a children’s playground

use the hill in the garden – playground with slide as part of the garden design

Children’s playground with trencholine by familyleisure

DIY garden furniture for children – furnishings for children in the garden

Idea for DIY playgrounds on the tree

Tree house for children in green

Garden house for children as a playground in the garden – architects Anna and Eugeni Bach

great idea for a cool children’s adventure playground in the garden

Gazebo for the outdoor children’s playground

Inspiration for designing children’s playground

Camping in the garden – design a creative outdoor play area for children

DIY slope as garden decoration and play area for children

tinker with your children

Paint stones as a cool craft idea for children and creative garden decorations

Make garden decorations with your children

DIY car wash with colorful ribbons and bath sponges

planting as a child’s play and playground decoration

Time to play outdoors

Idea for children’s games outside

DIY children’s kitchen in the garden

Design creative children’s playgrounds

a summer kitchen for children who love to cook – the playground in the garden

DIY wooden sandpit with benches

to build another idea for sandpit from Holt

What does a children’s playground look like? ?

DIY bowling alley in the garden – outdoor Games for Adults and little ones

creative idea for children’s playground design

the children’s playground in the garden as part of the garden design

DIY seesaw swing with wooden board and car tire

Wooden boat as a design element for a children’s playground

Climbing wall ideas for outdoor playground

Climbing wall pyramid by school playground designers

Ideas for children’s climbing wall outdoors

a playground for children in the forest


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