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More and more people want a change from everyday life and a trip that goes beyond the normal club vacation. A real adventure vacation – this dream should not only be realized once in a lifetime. There are countless dream travel destinations in the world, be it tropical rainforests, paradisiacal Caribbean beaches or the Sahara. Anyone planning an adventure vacation can be sure to experience unforgettable days!

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The many advantages of an adventure vacation

An adventure holiday is truly something that is exciting for young and old alike. Not just lying by the pool every day and enjoying the all-inclusive menu, but actively discovering nature, vibrant cities or even the world’s oceans – you can only experience all of this if you book an adventure trip. However, you define what exactly this means by yourself. While for many people an adventure holiday is already a round trip through the Bavarian Alpine regions, others understand it as an expedition to the Arctic Circle or a safari through the Namibian desert. Of course, an adventure holiday can also be a city break where you can get to know a completely new culture, such as in India, Morocco or even in Japan. So there is nothing that is not there – and you decide how the perfect trip should be planned!

Diving and discovering rainforests – the most beautiful sides of nature on an adventure holiday

Active holidays and adventure trips are particularly popular with young adults who have just finished school or university. Fewer and fewer people who are interested in traveling want to spend their holidays in one place, but rather actively engage in vacation, visit different places and – above all – experience something new. The reward for this: unforgettable impressions that you will never forget. For example, if you want to get to know the most beautiful underwater worlds on earth, you can book an adventure holiday with a diving course to exotic locations and encounter dolphins, manta rays or even whales in the sea. The Caribbean Sea, but also Mexico and the Cayman Islands are real dream destinations for such an adventure vacation. Or how about a destination like the Seychelles or the Maldives? Both are famous for their dream beaches and offer a lot of relaxation at the same time. If you’re not so far away, destinations like Disneyland, the island of Madeira or the Alps may be more interesting. One thing is certain: every travel destination has its charm – and offers countless possibilities to make your adventure holiday unique. If you want to explore tropical rainforests, there are also numerous interesting destinations worldwide: For example, have you ever been to Hawaii? With waterfalls, volcanoes, rainforests and much more, these eight islands offer an incredible variety in their breathtakingly beautiful nature. But the jungle in the Brazilian Amazon is also worth a visit. Explore lush forests on a rainforest safari and observe exotic animal species – or stay overnight in a real jungle lodge and listen to the many sounds of the animal inhabitants at night. The island of Iceland is still considered a highlight for nature lovers. Steaming geysers, active volcanoes and a fascinating culture characterize the country, which is known for its glacier caves. Here you can spend an interesting and at the same time very educational adventure holiday with the whole family – for sure!

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Who the "easy" A sightseeing trip into the distance is not enough as an adventure holiday, which can of course also plan a completely different, adventurous trip. Have you ever thought of an expedition with a cargo ship to Antarctica or a cruise on the Yukon in Alaska? Or how about discovering the countless islands of the South Pacific on a sailing ship like James Cook? All of this is possible – make your dreams come true and book your adventure trip today!

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