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Display This post is supported by FruchtZwerge.endlich! After it actually snowed on Easter Sunday, we rang in spring on Tuesday. Suddenly it was almost 20 degrees outside, which we had to take advantage of immediately after such a long winter. Quickly we packed a few things, grabbed our bikes and drove straight on. We stopped at the edge of the forest and made ourselves comfortable with a small picnic. You can’t imagine how happy I was about the warm rays of sunshine in my face. In the hope that this was just one of many spontaneous trips this year, I have put together a list for quick snacks for children.

Spontaneous picnic with children: Ideas for quick snacks

All snacks on the picnic list are ideal for a spontaneous picnic with children. Those who spend a lot of time outdoors with their children know that hunger lurks at every corner. As soon as you get to the playground, you have to eat a snack. And if possible on the spot. So that my children don’t starve to death on the playground, I have got used to always have a small snack for the children in my pocket.

Since we often travel spontaneously, it has to be snacks for me, which I can have in stock in the house and which I only have to put in my pocket quickly, without having to spend several hours in the kitchen preparing the food beforehand. Depending on whether we only go to the playground around the corner for a short time or plan a longer bike tour, I always pack a smaller or larger selection of snacks for the children. Of course there are also picnics where I can think of a little more. For the everyday life these fast snacks are completely sufficient for children.

Small Snacks for Children: Our Top 5

I will gladly let you have a look in my picnic bag and tell you which picnic snacks are particularly popular with the lavender children. By the way: Of course the snack ideas are not only suitable for picnics. Also at home or in the garden there is always a small snack for the children in the afternoon. Since in this case the refrigerator is very close, the possibilities are of course a little more extensive.

1. finely chopped fruit and vegetables

Ideal as a snack for children is chopped fruit or vegetables. Of course you can also take bananas, apples and co. uncut with you on excursions. This prevents the fruit from becoming brown and unsightly. If you don’t want to give your children fruit and vegetables in one piece, you can also take a small knife with you and cut fruit and vegetables fresh on the spot.

In order to add a little variety to the children’s menu, a selection suitable for the season is ideal. Lavender children currently prefer to eat apples, bananas and kiwis. But I’m already looking forward to summer, when the fruit selection will be more varied and tastier again. If you want to make your children happy, you can also prepare fruit skewers from the fruit. Vegetables include cucumber, carrots, peppers and kohlrabi.

2. crab stuff

Perfect as a small snack for in between is also snack stuff. Sesame sticks, pretzels, spelt sticks, crackers, snack animals or fruit slices are very popular with lavender children and their friends. For an excursion you can store your snack stuff in a bread tin. So there is no unnecessary crumbs. Lye biscuits such as pretzels or chestnuts are also ideal for visiting the playground and are very popular with children. Please make sure that there is not too much salt on the pastry.

3. fruit dwarfs

FruchtZwerge are a real snack classic for children. The small cups fit perfectly into small children’s hands and have a good portion size. They are available in many delicious varieties, so there is something for every taste. Even as a child I enjoyed eating FruchtZwerge. At that time, the “red ones” were my absolute favourite FruchtZwerge. Funnily enough, today the lavender children always reach for the red FruchtZwergen first. So it’s perfect that there is now a FruchtZwerge combination made exclusively from red fruits.

Since FruchtZwerge are a quark dish, they contain a lot of protein. They thus help children to survive better until the next meal. By the way: since their market launch in 1981, the sugar content of FruchtZwerge has been reduced by 30 percent. Compared to other, average fruit yoghurts, FruchtZwerge have less sugar.

Since I discovered the FruchtZwerge for on the way, we have these beside the “normal” FruchtZwergen also often in the refrigerator. Since they can be kept uncooled for up to eight hours, you can take them with you on trips. The FruchtZwerge for on the go are available in strawberry and banana strawberry varieties. It’s great that the squeeze bags can be resealed and are also very robust. They don’t mind a day in a handbag.

4. nuts, trail mix and dried fruit

Nuts are not only healthy, they are also a good source of energy. Unsalted nuts or nut mixtures are ideal for children. Please make sure that the nuts are only eaten while sitting and not while romping, otherwise there is a risk of swallowing. In addition to nuts, we also offer our children raisins and dried fruit as snacks or Trocḱenfrüchte . These can be easily stored in a bread tin and are therefore ideal for on the go.

5. small sausages, meatballs and salamisticks

Small sausages, meatballs and salamisticks are also packed quickly. They are handy and with few bites in the belly. These kinds of snacks always go down well with children.

How did you spend the first warm days of this year? What other snack ideas for children can you think of? Which afternoon snacks do your children like best?

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