Advice and help for men with separation, divorce

Advice and help for men with separation, divorce

1. Professional help for men

1.1. A guide only for men?, MSI for short, is – as the name suggests – made as a guide for men, fathers, big and small boys.
We have chosen to address by "You" decided – not out of disrespect, but because we strive for a very trusting cooperation.
Women are only tolerated here. However, we are delighted if you look around as part of your natural curiosity so that you can pass on the information as a tip to affected men.

1.2. Dispute with the partner about wealth, children and maintenance

In Germany alone, more than 150,000 marriages are divorced.
The numbers in Austria and Switzerland are no less worrying.
Statistically speaking, it is every marriage divorced after 16 years. There are also multiple separations between unmarried couples.
However, MSI is not just about men who have quarrels in their relationship. And with that we are more than just another "divorce counselors".
Single men are also fundamentally threatened by this topic and can benefit from our experience in terms of preparation for life or a future partnership.

Quite surprisingly, many men are affected by separation or divorce or the breakup of a relationship. This element of surprise, misunderstood heroism, comfort and unworldly idealism ("it won’t be that bad") inevitably lead to a situation that is quickly becoming ruin for money and health.
We don’t want to talk about guilt and innocence, morality and background with our forefingers raised.
But if you look around with a clear, politically unsmooth mind and open eyes, you will see that family law in German-speaking countries is deeply hostile to men. Buzzwords like the much-touted "constitutional state", "Equality before the law", "gender equality" etc. are nothing more than empty slogans for all those who believe in good faith, who have never faced family law proceedings and who do not want to admit anything from them "bad things", that we and other men’s organizations tell.
Even the idea "easy and inexpensive online divorce" or "amicable divorce" mostly turns out to be wishful thinking.

While women generally have a large network of mostly free state, church and private advice centers available, men see themselves alone in a nightmare of complex paragraphs, unscrupulously greedy lawyers, psychologically unsuspecting judges and a feminist infiltrated helper industry.

Men usually have no idea what war they are getting into with inadequate preparation.
It doesn’t have to be! It is alone Your decision />

MSI as a service provider, expert and adviser for men in relationship crises, separation and divorce situations ensures together with you that you are on the right side and with our help make the decisions that will end your dispute with a woman in a victorious and minimized manner.

First of all, it doesn’t matter whether you already live in a separation or divorce, have one behind you, are in the middle of a marriage / partnership or are still looking for a friend as a single. Ruinous stress with women lurks in everyone of these situations, and there is one for each individual solutions. With a simple one "checklist" and general "Divorce tips for men" from various internet forums it is not done.
With our tried and tested methods, you as a man (and possibly father) can deal with your statistically probable war much more relaxed Fortune, children, money / maintenance / alimony pull.
Nobody wants the war of the Roses. Women always only want what they are entitled to – and that is rarely what is in your sense (and / or that of your children).
If (ex-) woman, judge, lawyer, youth welfare office, bailiff and helper industry hack at you: We are there for you!

1.3. MSI – THE help for men

MSI first appeared on the internet in 2014 as a divorce / separation service. Our founder, Georg Steiner, had previously worked in a smaller group for affected men and fathers.
We offer our services in the entire German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).
We don’t promise "Weapons of divorce advice" and would be dubious if we claimed that each and every one of our proposed actions leads to the desired result.
However, we also operate in gray areas on the edge of legality and to the annoyance of many parasitic beneficiaries of today’s family law system, as a result of which we are regularly exposed to hostility, threats and reenactments. Affected men know what we’re talking about. The others usually cannot believe it, but do so very quickly after their first contact with a family court.
These experiences in particular make us a valuable help for men and fathers.

This is also the reason why we have moved our headquarters abroad, why we generally do not make any public statements about the number and identity of our consultants, about sales or fees, and gladly accept that one or the other thinks we are secret traders who Avoid the big public appearance rather than look for it. However, these men also believe in Santa Claus or that they can expect a fair trial among equals before a German-speaking court in family matters.
Sooner or later they may end up with us or whine about their sad fate in Internet forums.
Whoever uses our chances and as early as possible to take advantage of the chances of applying new rules of the game beyond the usual unimaginative features, will be pleased with our success with the discretion required.

1.4. How is our website structured??

The menu bar (depending on the format, can be shown on the left or above) guides you through the individual chapters of our website. So you do not have to click through all the chapters, you always have those that are of interest to you.
With Chapter 2 you can easily find out whether you belong to the circle of our possible customers. For whom we can do something and for whom we can not do something?
Chapter 3 describes which fields of action have to be considered for which partnership problem. The individual service packages are derived from this "fuse", "discretion", "affair", "Prevent" and "aftercare", which are explained in detail in chapters 4-8.
In Chapter 9, we refer to supplementary and alternative offers and provide information material for downloading (which can also be generously laid out and distributed in places where men are more and more busy)..
Chapter 10 lets our customers speak, with praise, recognition and criticism. In addition, we frequently answer questions that have been put to us in order to clear up misunderstandings at an early stage.
In chapter 11 we take a stand on current topics in a loose sequence. Past contributions are available via an archive.
Finally, with Chapter 12 you can contact us directly to actively tackle your individual relationship problem with us.

Click on the arrow and find out if and what we can do for you:

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