Advice on child benefit applications – forms, deadlines

The state does not automatically pay child benefit to you, although it would certainly be able to do so due to the data situation. The child benefit application starts with the payment and transfer of the amount responsible for you and your children. Here we give you some important information and tips on what you should consider when submitting your application to the family fund.

Overview of the application forms

Child benefit application – KG 1

Attachment child to the child benefit application – KG 1

Notification of change – KG 1b

Explanation of conditions – KG 4e

Declaration – KG 4f

Explanation – KG 4g

Evidence – KG 4i

Certificate – KG 4k

Explanation of conditions – KG 5d

Declaration – KG 9a

Certificate of training with the Bundeswehr – KG15

How and where to apply for child benefit?

Federal Central Tax Office: Child benefit application forms

Since the service is a tax refund, the legal regulations can be found in both the Income Tax Act (EStG) and the Federal Child Benefits Act (BKGG). Section 67 of the Income Tax Act states that payment must be requested from the responsible family fund ( It is one of the 14 organizations of the Federal Employment Agency that are responsible for these federal states:

  • Baden-Württemberg East in Stuttgart
  • Baden-Württemberg West in Karlsruhe
  • Bayern Nord in Nuremberg
  • Bavaria South in Regensburg
  • Berlin-Brandenburg in Potsdam
  • Hessen in Kassel
  • Lower Saxony Bremen in Hanover
  • North in Hamburg
  • North Rhine-Westphalia North in Bochum
  • North Rhine-Westphalia East in Dortmund
  • North Rhine-Westphalia West in Cologne
  • Rhineland-Palatinate Saarland in Mainz
  • Saxony in Chemnitz
  • Saxony-Anhalt-Thuringia in Halle

Only civil servants and civil servants put maintain the application with your employer or your employer’s remuneration office, which maintains decentralized offices. However, these decentralized health insurance funds are to be abolished by 2022 and their tasks will also be transferred to the employment agency. Although the employment office is paying the child benefit takes over, it is not a social benefit, but a tax relief.

The application for child benefit must be made in writing. Under "Child benefit online" on the page >

Important: the following must be submitted with the application:

  • Child’s birth certificate (copy)
  • Tax identification number of you and Your child
  • Child benefit number (if available)
  • Bank details (BIC / IBAN)

In addition to the child benefit application with the abbreviation KG1, applicants must also complete and submit an attachment for each child. All the necessary information and forms are explained in the leaflet "Information on the application for child benefit and the child facility", which is attached to the child benefit application and which applicants can download free of charge.

What deadlines must applicants observe??

Child benefit can be applied for on the day of birth. To do this, parents who apply for child benefit must present a birth certificate or birth certificate. The benefit is paid from the month of birth, even if the child was born at the end of the month. It takes approximately four to six weeks to process the application. Thereafter, payment is made monthly to the specified account. Based on the assigned child benefit number, the payees can roughly recognize when they can expect the transfer:

  • Final digits 0 and 1: at the beginning of the month
  • Final digits 2 to 7: during the current month on different dates
  • Final digits 8 and 9: at the end of the month

The application for child benefit does not have to be made immediately after the birth of a child. The beneficiaries have up to four years before the claim expires. The money is paid retrospectively for the period between birth and application.

forms & forms

Application for child benefit Main application KG 1

Here you will find an overview of the child benefit application forms. Source:

Child benefit application – KG 1 Application for child benefit
Attachment child to the child benefit application – KG 1 Attachment child to the child benefit application
Notification of change – KG 1b Notification of changes in circumstances that are significant for the right to child benefit
Explanation of conditions – KG 4e Declaration on the circumstances of an adult handicapped child
Declaration – KG 4f Declaration on the available net income of the adult disabled child
Explanation – KG 4g Declaration on the disposable net income of the spouse of a legal adult child
Evidence – KG 4i Proof of the existence of a disability
Certificate – KG 4k Certificate of parental personal care
Explanation of conditions – KG 5d Declaration on the circumstances of a child over 18 years old
Declaration – KG 9a Explanation for a sick adult child
Certificate of training with the Bundeswehr – KG15 Certificate of training of a soldier with the Bundeswehr

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