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What is aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry is a specialty of dentistry. Better said, through different treatments, she focuses on correcting the beauty of teeth in shape, color and size.

Today’s ideal of beauty contains one thing above all: Well-shaped, and our teeth should be symmetrical. And above all, bright white.

For many, a bright white smile is not just a symbol of beauty. It also stands for charm and intelligence. However, hardly any person is granted this ideal in color and shape from birth. And this is exactly where our experts in aesthetic dentistry in Berlin and Potsdam come in.

Which services of aesthetic dentistry are offered in Berlin and Potsdam?

At Dres. Grote & A wide range of different services awaits you in Kirchheim. There are also numerous offers for aesthetic dentistry. These include:

    Professional tooth cleaning with Air Flow, polishing pastes and varnishes / gels made from fluoride
    Implants to replace missing teeth
    Tooth-colored filling techniques such as Plastic filling (composite filling)
    Inlays, partial crowns, crowns and bridges made of full ceramic or veneered metal ceramic
    Veneers (veneers) made of ceramic or plastic to compensate for minor misalignments such as small gaps or discoloration

Tooth beautification and Co: For whom is the aesthetic dentistry in question?

In the meantime, aesthetic dentistry is no longer reserved only for stars and celebrities. Nowadays people of all ages and wealth groups benefit from our extensive range of teeth beautification.

Aesthetic dentistry has nothing to do with vanity. Rather, it often has many advantages for body and soul. A beautiful smile also has a positive effect on the psychological one health out. Thus, both the quality of life and the zest for life can visibly improve.

In some cases, aesthetic dentistry treatments are also necessary for medical reasons. This is e.g. the case with implants.

Are you interested in the topic of aesthetic dentistry? Would you like to find out more about your options? Speak to our team at Dres. Grote & Kirchheim in our dental practice in Berlin Mitte, Spandau or Potsdam. We would be happy to advise you at any time!


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