Aesthetics: dentist t

Aesthetics: dentist t

Aesthetics for your teeth

For a healthy and stinging smile

The Aesthetic dentistry is becoming increasingly important in society and dental care. Everyone wants a beautiful radiant smile and expresses health, vitality, youthfulness and success.

Beautiful, even teeth are an expression of a well-groomed appearance and optimize the harmonious overall impression. It strengthens your self-confidence and attractiveness, thus giving you security and a higher self-esteem. They always have to think about how they feel, they also radiate it. And you can be sure that your fellow human beings are around you bright white smile will envy.

For an aesthetically appealing result, it always depends on the individual starting situation. Here, different criteria, such as your own skin type, as well as hair and eye color should be considered in order to still achieve a natural result in the end. After a thorough investigation Let’s do this together treatment goal and discuss the appropriate measures.

Dental and health aspects

Basically, dental and health aspects should come first. As part of the further program, we will address the following points:

  • Are there any malformations or misaligned teeth that need to be corrected? ?
  • Are there any defects in the dental hard tissue? Are there periodontal problems, inflammation in the gum area, pocket formation, gingival retraction ?
  • Are all teeth healthy even after radiological findings ?
  • Are there older fillings that are out of order? ?
  • Are there discolored fillings that need to be replaced ?
  • Are there already dentures in the visible area, which is no longer functional ?
  • Are there dentures – fixed or removable – which no longer corresponds to the own tooth color or not the desired color corresponds ?
  • Are there any problems in the visible area with the red-white aesthetics, for example, by inflammation, pocket formation or local gingival decline ?

Our extensive treatment concept

Depending on the existing findings, we will set up a complete treatment concept for you, taking into account all aspects of your health as well as your personal wishes and ideas.

We use the best, most modern materials, are able to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results through our experienced team of specialists.

We work in our own practice laboratory with trained dental technicians and process only high-quality ceramic products with which we have decades of experience. Thus we are able to correct misaligned teeth, to set the ideal dental arch again, to correct unwanted whims of nature and to bring the color of the visible teeth to the desired target color.

Small orthodontic dental corrections, professional teeth cleaning, whitening and even treatments using the dental laser provide a minimally invasive and promising treatment option.

Why do teeth discolour??

Many factors and stimulants can affect tooth color. Thus, various foods, coffee, tea, red wine, medicines, mouthwashes, and other stimulants may cause the teeth to darken. The tooth color can also be an indication of general diseases and should therefore always be examined. The detailed examination of all teeth and the assessment, possibly with the help of special X-ray images is required.

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