Afraid of drilling at the dentist? (Tips)

Afraid of drilling at the dentist? (Tips)

Afraid of drilling at the dentist?

Hello, I have to go to the dentist tomorrow because I have 2 small and 1 medium holes. I’m afraid of drilling because it always hurts so much. Do you have any tips on how to survive this better??

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Do you do with or without anesthesia?
Try to get lost in thought. Think of past embarrassments, problems, arguments or or.
You can also claw yourself in the chair or take something to knead with you, which concerns you and your hands a little.
I always had anesthetic drilled because I found the anesthetic worse than drilling. Anyway, I managed to get lost in my thoughts.

You can also let the dentist know beforehand that you are afraid. He knows this from other patients and can certainly advise you something or even distract you a little by talking to you or his specialist staff. ;-)

it doesn’t hurt, but your fear is a little bigger. Tell your dentist what worries and worries you, he can handle it and give you an anesthetic, then you won’t notice anything. LG.KH.

Let yourself be given an anesthetic. It has to help. Because then you won’t feel anything, just the little picks from the syringe. But the sound of drilling is unpleasant. Just take your cell phone or something and listen to music. Then you really get it nothing with.

It is best to go to the dentist regularly so that there is no drilling at all.

Awa non is nothing bad, 4 wisdom teeth were pulled out .. they almost broke my jaw there so remember! Drilling is not as bad as the xD

Let the dentist give you a small syringe beforehand, then you will notice

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Dentist syringe pain?

Hello folks Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment because I have a deep hole in the molar. Without a syringe this will probably not be treated, or without an injection I am afraid that it will hurt too much. I’ve always been so scared of the dentist in general. As a child I had to be anesthetized to open my mouth. After that in adolescence I had bad experiences again, because the drilling continued even though I said that I need a break and it hurts etc. Now my question is to you, as some can talk from experience, if such an injection Anesthesia hurts a lot? And then if you really feel nothing? How can I reduce my fear? Hope for friendly news. Thank you! :)

drilling a hole in the tooth – it is painful?

hello i think no actually i’m pretty sure that i have a hole in the back molar (bottom right). I have no pain or anything like that. does the drilling hurt at the dentist? I’ve never had a hole and now I’m a bit afraid of it.

Drilling at the dentist hurts a lot?

How much does drilling at the dentist actually hurt and how is it better with or without a syringe? And how does the syringe hurt? I am always totally scared when I lie there on the chair and the doctor comes and takes the drill in hand and says, now open wide ". And I’m afraid of it? And how is drilling with syringe the feeling?

It hurts when the dentist drills a hole in the tooth?

For me the dentist found light caries and then he drills a hole and fills it up, it hurts when he drills in, he said he didn’t have to drill so deep

What does the dentist do with caries (except drilling & Does it hurt)?

I think I have tooth decay. My tooth hurts, it’s cold & Heat sensitive and I have seen my little brownish spots. >.>

I have never had tooth decay in my life.

  • What happens there?
  • Is always drilled there?
  • It hurts to hurt?

I ask for helpful answers.

If there are several holes in the teeth, the treatment is bad?

I think I have 4 holes or something. with one tooth it unfortunately hurts (since yesterday). I make an appointment on Monday. Unfortunately, I’m an anxiety patient. I used to be afraid of the dentist, but today I can do it to some extent. It hurts because it hurts?

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Hey dear community

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment where my mini hole (dentist really said very small) should be made on the top left of the molar because I refused to do it 2 weeks ago (out of fear) I have no pain on the tooth only at temperatures it is always felt a little more than with the other teeth. In any case, I’m terrified that drilling hurts /: or something. does it hurt badly? /: Would appreciate answers :)

I have a hole that only hurts when I chew food. Does the drilling hurt with or without splashing? I have had the hole for 3 years, I was always afraid to have it done.

Hi folks, I have to go to the dentist today (because after zero o’clock) and I have a hole at the back of my rear molar on the front that has to be drilled because of caries. it doesn’t hurt and so on it’s like there is nothing there. when i walk with my tongue i notice the hole too. it is not really that far from the gums, maybe 5 mm. Now the question is, because I’m really scared before tomorrow’s drilling, whether I can do it without anesthetic, or whether it is recommended to me. and please take it seriously and not one on "i am indian" because this is the first time that I’m afraid of the dentist.

So I have to go to the dentist tomorrow for the first time in my life. And I’m thirteen. I never had problems with caries before but now I have my first hole! It is black and on the molar. It is not too small but not overwhelmingly large. My question now is whether my dentist has to drill it? Or is he probably doing something else? Does drilling hurt at all !? Have had toothache on the tooth with the hole for a few days. Not so violent but not so mild either. Does it hurt ?! I am afraid. Please help thanks

I have to go to the ZA tomorrow and I have to drill, so I wanted to ask, does the drilling really hurt as everyone says, despite the injection?

I have 2 small holes in the molar tooth. Since I cannot inject syringes, I wanted to ask if drilling hurts a lot ?

I have a hole in my molar and will soon go to the dentist. My question is does the drilling hurt? Or when the dentist cleans the filling? Because I’m terrified of dentists >.

hey hers! Have a small hole in the left molar tooth (below) – also pulls from time to time! Wants to go to the dentist tomorrow and would like to know if it hurts badly? I’m totally afraid of syringes – the syringe hurts a lot (never got one)?

I have 4 teeth with caries that hurts to drill??

i’m totally scared of the dentist :( i’m always totally scared when i’m lying on the chair and i hate drilling even more! soon it will be time again, and if i get an injection: DOES THE WEH? or rather : what can you compare it with? simply said: does it hurt more than a vaccine? I am simply terrified!

Good evening. I was just at the dentist because I have pain in my tooth. He discovered a small hole and caries. On Monday I have an appointment for drilling and filling. I am terrified. Unfortunately, I am generally very afraid of the dentist and am very sensitive to pain. The doctor said I didn’t need an injection because the hole is not big and it won’t really hurt. However, I am still scared and would rather have an injection. The tooth is at the top left, the penultimate tooth. Does an injection hurt a lot there? Can you endure this without anesthetic? I read that if you are already in pain it is too late. Then the tooth decay has mostly hit a nerve and the anesthetic does not help much. I’m so scared &# 128557;&# 128557;

Hi there!
My visit to the dentist takes place in a few hours afterwards and my fear is so great that I could throw up now. A filling is made in the upper molar and it is drilled. The hole is not deep and I don’t feel any of it myself. The problem is that I am very panicked and afraid of the boring and the pain, but I also cannot bear the thought of an injection. Recently, drilling was done without a syringe and it didn’t hurt directly – it was over relatively quickly. Does anyone have any tips? Before the treatment, my legs start to tremble, I feel sick and my heart is racing. I couldn’t go to the dentist without my mother. Are there brave people here who can drill without an injection? As I said, the hole is not deep and I don’t want an injection.

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow because a small hole is to be drilled. Since I am generally quite afraid of injections and this anesthetic is also not necessarily pleasant, I wanted to ask whether it can be endured without much pain if a small hole is drilled.

is it very painful to have the dentist drill without a syringe? Experience please

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