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Luxury and art – a castles road trip

A sophisticated convertible would be well suited for our road trip. Such a nice bright red that makes good on the driveway in front of the castle. With the color we are already pretty much out, we have to do without the moose and the wind in our hair.

In the current weather, I am very happy that we have a roof over our heads to drive from castle to castle. To sit dry and warm is not to be underestimated luxury and ever before a kind of preparation for the luxurious life in the castle.

Camping holiday on Texel – the largest North Sea island of Holland

[Display] Texel in the province of Noord-Holland is one of the most popular camping destinations in the Netherlands. The largest North Sea island of the Netherlands has something wild romantic and is famous for its countless sheep.

Every year thousands of campers, attracted by their sights and natural beauties, love to spend the most beautiful days of the year between the dreamy Den Hoorn and the most northerly point in De Cocksdorp. The well-kept campsites with a wonderful location near the beach are perfect for spending a very relaxing holiday.

Two restaurants and a Bed and Breakfast – Tips for Vechtdal

Since the weather can be so sunny and the surroundings are still so beautiful, if the food does not taste good and it scares you in front of the hotel bed, the holiday is spoiled. In the case of Vechtdal that would be particularly sad, because the environment really invites you to enjoy.

I have already given you tips for the enjoyment of nature, so that it also works with the physical well-being and sleeping, now there are some tips in this regard. Not from hearsay, but experienced and experienced and thus perfect for the category “Tested and Tested”.

Experience nature in the Vechtdal

Blueberries, asparagus, wine and even buffalo mozzarella. Products here from the region, which are offered directly from the farm and which we would not necessarily have expected in the east of the Netherlands. Unusual treats are not the only thing we discover on our journey, there are also many beautiful things.

For those who travel to the valley of the Vechte, above all, would like to enjoy nature. By boat on the water, while cycling and hiking in the countryside. And of course, that’s also part of our itinerary.

Visit to Leerdam

Cheese or glass? What comes to mind first in this city is a matter of origin. Where Germans clearly tend to cheese, the Dutch agree and call Glas convinced.

I also remember first the cheese with the big holes when I hear Leerdam. That the city is actually a glass city, I experience and experience only during my visit. And also, what beautiful nature surrounds the small town on the Linge.

On a discovery tour in Harlingen

The city counts just under 15,000 inhabitants and more than 500 listed buildings. I can not say how many boats and ships there are, but the ports in the city are very busy. The location right on the Wadden Sea is perfect for all sailors, and friends of motor boats love the waterways into the hinterland.

And yet Harlingen is only a stopover for many tourists. From here it goes out to the islands. The ferries to the Wadden islands, to Vlieland and Terschelling, depart from the harbor. We stay here, however. We want to see and discover more of Harlingen.

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