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together linked and it is both imported and exported. Even for people in the field, the labeling of goods is not always easy to decipher.

And more and more consumers are realizing that, although they can assess the taste of food, they know little about the origin, processing and storage of the products. Consumers who want to support local farmers should shop regionally if possible – and that also means seasonally.

An example: If the packaging says “Black Forest Ham”, it does not mean that the meat comes from an animal from the Black Forest. It just means that it was hanging in a smokehouse in the Black Forest. This designation does not say whether the animal was raised in Italy or Poland or slaughtered in England.

on the Farm. For families, this is probably the most relaxed way to enjoy free time together. Back to Nature and to the simple things – and incidentally, city children also learn that cows are not purple and milk does not come out of the bag.


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