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First of all, AIDA Cruises is the German label for the Carnival Corporation cruise ship & plc. We would like to introduce you to the unique diversity behind this name in the following.

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The German ship cruise began in 1960, because from this year on, the German shipping company used transatlantic ships and holiday ships to navigate the expanse of the sea. In 1990, the privatization finally took place, so that in 1993 the company lit up its cruise ship “Arkona” with a new building. In this way, the American “Fun Ships” were to be imitated, which brought the club holiday concept to the ships. Accordingly, this year is the cradle of AIDA Cruises. The name “AIDA – The Club Ship” came on the market in June 1996, when the new building came into contact with the sea for the first time and cast a spell over numerous club ship holidaymakers. AIDA Cruises is considered the market leader in Germany and annually carries countless passengers across the oceans. The president of AIDA Cruises – Michael Ungerer – counts 11,400 employees from 40 different countries, who are always eager to give you a beautiful cruise.

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With the AIDA Cruises, a very special holiday concept has entered the oceans. Vacation on the ship means uncomplicated holiday fun with great wellness areas, numerous sports facilities and culinary delights. When it comes to cruises, so-called “routing” is a term that every vacationer has heard before. This refers to docking with the seasonal base port where the voyages begin. On a cruise you travel by boat from one seasonal base port to the next to take part in great, unforgettable trips that make the holiday feeling perfect.

Swimming in a pool is not a special thing for many people. How does it feel to bathe in a pool while enjoying the view of the open sea? It is fantastic! In general, the feeling of a cruise is indescribable and awakens some hidden spirits. Enjoy the convivial holiday life aboard the AIDA Cruises and be pampered by the AIDA team. From sunbathing on deck over sports programs and culinary delights to evening entertainment programs, everything is included! Become part of a very special movement – a movement on the sea! Feel the infinite variety on the water and let your mind wander!

Many destinations, many names

Just as diversified as the travel destinations are the names of the club ships. The following ships are designed to make your personal dream vacation come true: AIDAprima, AIDAstella, AIDAmar, AIDAsol, AIDAblu, AIDAluna, AIDAbella, AIDAdiva, AIDAaura, AIDAvita, AIDAcara, AIDAperla, such as Aida Nova. More details can be found in the respective descriptions.

Entertainment for children, adolescents and adults – A >

Already the little guests are welcome on board the AIDA. Even for baby There is the right equipment for the whole family to relax and enjoy their holidays on the ship. Child and youth care for children from 3 to 17 years as well as offers for the whole family characterize the AIDA. The ships are child-friendly and the cabins have a connecting door so you can keep your children close by.

If you know your protégés are finally looked after in the best of hands, you can take your well-deserved break and participate in numerous sports and wellness programs. Evening entertainment completes the day on the ship.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are at A >

The sustainability management of AIDA is far-reaching. With AIDA cares is illustrated by interactive elements as well as videos, what AIDA does for the environment. All processes are always based on the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative, so that social, ecological and economic aspects are integrated into the concept. Our environment is so precious that we must not neglect it. AIDA is also aware of this, so that both the ship’s guests and the staff can feel part of the broad and well thought-out environmental philosophy.

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