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Driving a car always requires a high level of concentration. To ensure that, despite increasing traffic and chronic congestion in city centers, driving a car in the hot summer is not a torture, car air conditioning is now standard equipment. A modern automatic air-conditioning system even regulates the temperature automatically to the preset value and saves fuel at the same time. But the car air-conditioning system can also prove to be stubborn and either doesn’t cool at all or makes itself noticeable with an unpleasant smelling odor. In order to understand the causes of these problems, it is first necessary to understand the structure of the car air conditioning system.

Parts of the car air conditioning system and their function

The air conditioning system is a closed system in which a refrigerant circulates, which changes its aggregate state several times depending on pressure and temperature. The air conditioning circuit is driven by the compressor, which is usually connected to the crankshaft via a V-ribbed belt. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas so that the downstream pipes are under high pressure. For this reason, they also can not be patched and must always be replaced in the event of any damage. This is followed by the condenser in the front of the vehicle, which is usually located behind the radiator and works in a very similar way.

The hot and pressurized refrigerant gas is cooled by the airstream. In the event of traffic jams and heavy traffic, the cooling fan switches on and provides the air flow. So much energy is extracted from the refrigerant that it eventually becomes a liquid again. Condensed. the name of the condenser is derived from this process. In the subsequent dryer, the water is removed from the refrigerant to protect the system from corrosion. The expansion valve and the evaporator are the final parts of the system. Both are usually located behind the dashboard and together provide cold air.

The refrigerant passes through the expansion valve in liquid state and can expand in the evaporator. The drop in pressure causes it to become gaseous again, extracting heat energy from the environment. The air flowing past the outer side of the evaporator also cools down and is blown into the cabin via the interior fan.

Problems of the car air conditioner

Most defects of the car air conditioning system are due to leaks and leaking refrigerant. Often the condenser is affected, damaged by stone impact. Other problems often arise with incorrect operation. Operating a switched-on car air conditioner with the ventilation switched off or at a low level is z.B. Not only inefficient, but can lead to freezing of the evaporator. This may be damaged and can also be a source of germs due to the thawing of the frozen water. If the drains are clogged, warm and humid air is the cause of bad odors. In most cases, these can only be eliminated by professional disinfection, whereby the cause must of course be found and eliminated beforehand.

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