Airplane games for children – for android, appfot

Children’s cartoon German (The Lego plane game)

The Coloring Book – Helicopter and Airplane – Paint with us!

Model aircraft – practice test CHIP

Your toddler loves planes, flying machines, and any kind of puzzle game?
If your child wants to play with a lot of vehicles then you have found the best educational game!

This app is a sophisticated and fun way to develop fine motor skills, visual perception and hand-eye coordination.

Games with airplanes for children: discover the air vehicles! is easy and fun:
* Touch the screen with drag & Drop the vehicle in the right place.
* Play with all the bubbles and balloons when a puzzle is solved.
* Tap the arrow to go to the next level.

18 beautiful puzzles in the full version of the game with colorful vehicles: planes, airship, jumbo jets, helicopters, fighter jets, jet, airplane, propeller, rocket, shuttle, glider, hang glider, hot air balloon, spaceship and many others!

Funny sound effects like caricature and vehicle noises!
An impressive collection of planes with these free puzzle games!
When a puzzle ends the children are rewarded with celebrations and colorful bubbles.

Your toddler will have fun with this game and with these amazing vehicles.

If your child loves to play with toy cars, toy airplanes, this is the best puzzle game for your child.

Airplane games for kids: discover the air vehicles! is a not to be missed app for young children. Characteristics:
Game for toddlers and children aged 0-7 years
Optimized for tablet device (Sony, Samsung, Kindle)
Game entertaining and educational
easy to use for preschoolers, little boys, little girls and the little ones
simple and intuitive: just use a few commands
a lot of fun with the bubbles when completing a puzzle
practice the fine motor skills of your toddler
Promotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination
High quality images with amazing vehicles
a lot of air vehicles
the best puzzle for toddlers and young children!

This game helps your children learn new things! Inspires your child’s creativity and imagination!

In this free game for toddlers you can solve all puzzles and remove advertisements in the app.

Have fun with BATOKI! Best apps for toddlers and kids

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