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Alcudia – Holidays with children in Mallorca

Alcúdia is located in the northeast of the Balearic island of Mallorca and is a municipality with around 20,000 inhabitants. These live widely scattered in the municipal area, for tourists the districts of Port d’Alcúdia and the associated beach are Platja d’Alcúdia, Interesting. The old city gate, the Porta del Moll from the 14th century, is still very well preserved and shapes the cityscape. Alcúdia only became interesting through the emerging tourism in the 1930s, which was partly due to the buildings from previous centuries that can be admired in Alcúdia.

The location of Alcudia

Alcúdias hotels and apartments

Apartments and hotels in Alcudia are particularly child-friendly. So that you can keep an overview of all the offers, we have found out which accommodations are particularly recommended. In the following two articles we recommend our personal favorites.

The most beautiful apartments in Alcudia

Feel at home on vacation? In a Apartment in Alcudia you can organize the day with your children according to your wishes and spend a relaxing holiday. We have put together the most beautiful and family-friendly apartments in Alcúdia for you here.

The best family hotels in Alcudia

The hotels around Alcúdia offer everything from pools and water slides for babies and children to activities for children of all ages to babysitting services that enable parents to spend some time together on vacation. We show you the most beautiful and family-friendly hotels in the region.

The most child-friendly beaches in Alcúdia

In Alcúdia you will find our favorite beach for families – Playa de Muro, which stretches for five kilometers from Can Picafort to Alcúdia and merges directly into Playa d’Alcúdia. Here you can find more information about the beaches in Alcúdia.

The best cafes and restaurants in Alcúdia

Alcúdia has great restaurants, cafes and bars. From typical Spanish and Mallorcan specialties such as tapas and fresh seafood to pizza, pasta and burgers to small cafés and bars, there is something for every taste. We have compiled the best restaurants and cafés for you.

The best activities and sights in Alcudia

Alcúdia is one of the most visited places on the east coast of Mallorca. Alcúdia benefited from the tourism boom of the 1960s to the same extent as the rest of the island and has a lot to offer with its sandy beach and the occasional pebble beaches. Especially for vacationers who want to escape the hustle and bustle in El Arenal, Alcúdia is an alternative, as the Mallorcan culture and history are a few minutes’ walk away. So if you want a change from sunbathing, visit the historic old town or take a look at the landscape around Alcúdia. The division of the beach into the bathing bays is particularly advantageous on full days, since both quiet and well-attended beaches can be found.

Worth seeing are the two Arabic-style city gates, especially that Porta Principal main gate. A little further south are the remains of an old Roman theater, which, although not comparable to the Roman Colosseum, is still worth seeing. The Alcúdia old town is still characterized by churches that were built under different Spanish rulers. On the church walls you can look for the rulers’ coats of arms painted on tiles to find out who the church was built under – also a nice search game for your children.

In the Auditori d’Alcúdia there are regular concerts and events to visit, the modern cultural center was not built until 2000. In the museum of the same name, holidaymakers can see the remains of the Roman city of Pollentia, which was then located here. In the Fundació Yannick i Ben Jakober you can admire the sculptures of two artists in the open air. The swampy nature reserve S’Albufereta de Pollença invites hikers and nature lovers to get to know Mallorca from a different side than the beach.

Anyone who has stayed in Port D’Alcúdia on weekends should take a trip to Saturday Market hall in Alcudia plan on. Daily markets with fresh Mallorcan products take place every day, but the weekly market on Saturday offers a lot more choice. Here you can find typical Mallorcan products for everyday needs, including a lot freshly caught fish from the area around Alcúdia.

That is also very impressive Bullring of Alcudia. It is very easy to reach from the center – in less than 5 minutes you can be there on foot!
The address: Calle de la Plaça de Toros, 1, 07400 Alcúdia, Mallorca

Our little insider tip: carriage rides in Alcúdia

We chose this combination quite often: First we spent a beach day with the family in Port d’Alcúdia (there we also had our apartment with a sensational view of the harbor) and we went to Alcúdia in the evening. And when your little ones don’t feel like going back, you can also ride the horse-drawn carriage in a relaxed manner! You can find them all over Alcúdia.

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