Alexa chung speaks nails – and why you should never touch your feet

Yesterday Nails Inc. announced the collaboration with the professional cool girl Alexa Chung. She wore her black leather effect polish at the 2012 British Fashion Awards, and the umbrella was immediately sold out. There was soon a waiting list of over 3,000 people who wanted to get their hands on the paint (and the polish on their hands). The brand soon reached Chung.

"When Thea [Green, founder of Nails Inc.] asked me to work together, I was so excited," Chung said at a lunch that celebrated the launch. “I always found Nails Inc. to be very fashionable and forward, and everything about the whole head-to-toe look that I really liked heart In addition to Nails Inc.’s advertising campaigns this fall, Chung has created six fabric-inspired shades, including silk, cashmere, lace, leather, camo and sequins. "They are like a party for your hands," she said. I had the opportunity to meet with Chung personally to discuss all things related to nails.

Have you been a nail polish freak?? "Oh yeah. I remember getting polishes in my town and there was a company that had a sparkling blue that I loved. We weren’t allowed to have nail polish at school, so I would wear it on weekends and have to take it off by Monday. And I actually painted my mother’s nails. It was that color – you know, the same color that all mothers wear, it’s like this weird coral. "

Do you have any annoying problems when it comes to your nails? “When I get a manicure, I don’t like it when they cut your cuticles, it makes me a little sick! I also like that my nails look like men’s nails, so very short. Friends of mine in England who are in nail art all have long nails so that You more There is room for the art, but I feel like I have quite large hands, so it might be inappropriate for me to extend the nail. "

Speaking of nail art, you are there? “When I started, I was really into nail art because I felt like it was really fun and it was a good way to play around with things, but now I have almost reached the point where I am think it’s maybe over a bit far. I’m really more in a normal zone now. "

What have you got on your nails this summer?? "It’s this ‘dead man’s hand paint’ that I’m wearing right now. It’s called Cashmere from the collection. It is my darling. It’s purple-gray, it’s steamed, and it goes with a lot of things, but it’s also pretty good. I like that about Nails Inc. in general – they create really interesting palettes that are a little off. "

What about autumn? “For the fall, I like to be vampier on the nail front – like Nails Inc. Leather Effects polished in black. These days, too, I’m trying to keep things more elegant with my nails. ”

Nails Inc. Alexa Camo (left) and Nails Inc. Alexa sequins in black and gold (center)

OK, which do you prefer, manicure or pedicure? “OMG manicure! I hate people who touch my feet. It makes me want to die. Honest. The amount of people I almost accidentally kicked in the face just because I have a really bad reflex on someone holding my feet … A pedicure is actually torture for me. "

I know the file is what it does for me. "It’s terrible, it’s basically like a cheese grater."

Manicure or salon at home? “In England you often have to do a manicure at home because it is difficult to find a nail salon that is affordable and easy to get to, but I am very happy because I am in a world where I often get my nails made on the set. "

Metallic paint or glitter? “I like glitter very much, but I don’t like it if it’s a smooth polish and a few stains on the top. I like my glitter to be tight. Otherwise it is not binding. With glitter you have to do the whole thing pig. ”

Everyone asks you about your eyeliner, but I want to know how long it took you to master the winged look? “A question of years, I’m afraid. And although it’s still not perfect, I’ve definitely gotten faster. I remember a few years ago how I had set the mood for the day with my liner. You wake up It’s too early, you’re trying to put your face back together, so it doesn’t look like you were found in a cave in the 40s, and an eyeliner messed up and your day is ruined. After a while I realized that the more relaxed you talk about it, the easier it gets – it really is everything. "


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