All-ceramic crowns cost 2019, advantage of ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns cost 2019, advantage of ceramic crowns

What are all-ceramic crowns ?

The essentials in brief:

»Tooth-colored all-ceramic crowns enclose the natural tooth all the way to the gum line.

»The material used does not cause any allergies, only the adhesive causes in some cases an incompatibility reaction – therefore, a material test takes place in advance.

»Optically, the ceramic can be adapted to the natural tooth color, which is why it is preferred for the teeth in the front area.

»All-ceramic crowns are less resistant to crowns with a metal chewing surface, which reduces their suitability for the molars.

»With good care, the durability of a ceramic crown lasts up to 15 years, during which time it does not change color.

»The cost of a full ceramic crown is around 1,000 euros.

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All questions and answers about dental crowns made of all-ceramics

All-ceramic crowns are tooth-colored ceramic crowns that completely surround the rest of the tooth. The crown margin is thus at the level or below the gingival margin.

question answer
Since when is there the full ceramic crown ? The all-ceramic crown has proven itself for many decades
Are known allergies at Vollkeramikkrone ? at All-ceramic crowns are not known allergies, but sometimes the glue causes incompatibility reactions. With a material testing in advance, the risk can be estimated.
Makes a full ceramic crown for the molar area sense ? If you grit your teeth, you should look for crowns Full ceramic in the molar area without. Although they are visually beautiful, but not as durable as crowns with Metallkaufläche.
Why does one Full ceramic crown in the anterior region sense ? All-ceramic crowns look very natural and can be optimally adapted to your own tooth color. This makes them a good choice in the anterior region.
Are there different caramel qualities ? Yes, there are different ones Ceramic grades. The material compositions differ in terms of where they are used later.
How long will the ceramic crowns last? ? The Durability of a ceramic crown depends largely on how it is maintained. With good care she keeps 15 years.
Can at one Full ceramic crown a black rim visible become ? Yes, that can happen. When the gums recede, occasionally a black border appears in the transition between crown and cervix.
Can break a full ceramic crown? Yes one Full ceramic crown can burst. Repair work is possible but does not look aesthetically pleasing.
Ceramic veneer crown or all-ceramic crown, which is more durable ? Ceramic veneers are more prone to fractures and cracks than full ceramic crowns. All-ceramic crowns are more durable.
Can all-ceramic crowns from cigar smoke stain ? All-ceramic crowns do not discolour, they retain their color.
Can you make out dental crowns Repair all-ceramic easily ? Damage to the all-ceramic can be repaired in many cases.
Difference between full and partial ceramics ? A full crown comprising the tooth completely, a partial ceramic crown only a part of the tooth, for example, the side or chewing surface.
What are the essentials Advantages of all-ceramic ? One of the main advantages of all-ceramic is that it can often be made very thin, because the adhesive technology strengthens and stabilizes the natural tooth substance. In addition, only a small amount of the tooth substance needs to be removed so that it lasts much longer.
What are the Disadvantages of all-ceramic ? All-ceramic without metal content is not recommended for teeth-grinding and teeth-pressing (bruxism).
Why are this variant so expensive ? All-ceramic crowns are aesthetically, free of metals, biocompatible and have a high tissue compatibility. In addition, the dentist must prepare (time) consuming and the production of the crown in the dental laboratory is costly.
Are there problems when grating with teeth ? Meanwhile, the material strength has improved compared to previous years. Nevertheless, in bruxism it is not recommended to use all-ceramic crowns in the molar area.
What should you generally consider as a patient with all-ceramic crowns ? All-ceramic crowns have to be cared for like a natural tooth. To ensure that the tooth under the crown is not affected by tooth decay, good oral hygiene and regular check-ups with the dentist are required.
What material does it consist of? ? High-quality all-ceramic crowns, for example, consist of zirconium oxide in the core, which is veneered with ceramic. As an alternative, all-ceramic crowns are pressed exclusively from ceramic (pressed ceramic).
When do you have to renew it? ? With good care must All-ceramic crowns renewed after 15 years become.
How are you removed? ? All-ceramic crowns are ground down in the worst case by the tooth. Otherwise, loose all-ceramic crowns can be removed or removed with tools.
What do you cost on average? ? A Full ceramic crown costs to 1000 €.
What does the health insurance pay? ? The health insurance pays the regular allowance between 134 € and 269 €.
How high the own contribution ? If a molar is crowned with a full ceramic for around € 1,000, the patient will have to pay around € 866 to € 731.

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All dental crown types in overview:

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metal crowns


zirconium crowns


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