All information about the cyber monday 2019 2019 – all the best

All information about the cyber monday 2019 2019 - all the best

All information about Cyber ​​Monday 2019

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23.10.2019, 14:30

Soon it will be time again: The Christmas business will start and the shops will kick off the start of the seasonal bargain shopping with Cyber ​​Monday.

Amazon has not yet specified exact dates for its discount promotions this year. Of the Black Friday, The traditionally US discounted boutique store is held every year on the Friday after the Thanksgiving, which falls on November 28 this year. Of the Black Friday will take place this year, therefore November 29th and the Cyber ​​Monday on the following Monday, the 2 December 2019 instead of.

A day for discounts was not enough for the shopping giant Amazon, so a few years ago, Cyber ​​Monday was launched on the Cyber ​​Monday week expanded. And because that is not enough, the mail order company heats the mood with the Cyber ​​Monday countdown week on. The exact dates for this Amazon has not yet published.

How does Cyber ​​Monday work??

In the Cyber ​​Monday week There are so-called at Amazon from early morning at 6 to evening at 20 clock every five minutes lightning deals with often very low prices. These deals run for 6 hours or as long as stocks last. That is, whoever comes first paints first.

Even better discounts are available at the daily deals, each run until midnight. Here, particularly popular products from well-known brands with discounts of up to 50 percent are offered. Again, as long as stocks last.

The Best Deals Finally, apply for the entire period of action unless the relevant items are already out of stock. Particularly interesting are the offers on Amazon’s own devices – here Amazon can not splash out and sometimes gives even more than half the discount.

Above all, Amazon customers who have paid Prime membership benefit from the Cyber ​​Monday Deals because they can access the offers half an hour earlier. The membership costs 69 euros a year or 7.99 euros a month.

If you do not have Prime membership (and have never had one), you can still benefit from the deals: Just sign up for a free trial membership. It is valid for 30 days. After Cyber ​​Monday, you can easily cancel and do not pay a dime! Here you can sign up.

All information about Prime membership can be found here.

Cyber ​​Monday Deals: The Best Deals

With tens of thousands of special offers it is not easy to discover the really good deals. We get advance information from Amazon all deals and will again this time for you to create a selection of the best deals.

The exact offers and their prices, we may call only when they are live. So we will update this page constantly and then deliver the latest interesting deals as soon as they are online. After all, new offers are constantly being added throughout the day.

Due to the sheer amount of bargains, we limit ourselves to the really best deals. Should your desired product not be there, that does not mean that there is no discount – in case of doubt, look again!

For all products that we have tested, you will find a link to our test report in the list .

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