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All Saints? Abc kinder - blog for parents

All Saints’ Day?

They are beautiful, the holidays. Above all, of course, if they fall so that the usual Wochentrott in school and working life is interrupted by a day off and you may even enjoy a really long weekend with just one more day.

No question: children are happy when it is free of school! If they are allowed to sleep in this rather dark time, instead of having to go to school before dusk. What’s behind such a day “All Saints” plugged? For many probably secondary.

If the question arises, what is the meaning behind the name? “All Saints” hides why this day is so important that mom and dad in some states do not have to work, schools and supermarkets remain closed: Here’s a short – hopefully child-friendly – explanation.

Why the name “All Saints’?
When we think of saints, we’ll probably come up with some names spontaneously!
For example, St. Nicholas, St. Martin or St. Barbara.

Their memorial days – St. Nicholas on December 6, St. Martin on November 11, St. Barbara on December 4 – are well known and cultivated in many countries with different traditions.

In the case of St. Barbara, for example, her freshly cut branches from the garden are placed in a vase to commemorate December 4, so that they may blossom later on Christmas Eve. The customs of St. Nicholas and St. Martin’s Day are well known and familiar.

But there are still many, many more saints. And a great many people who have done good and done great things to others and yet have never been canonized!

To commemorate all of them, there is All Saints’ Day. A day for “All Saints”, even for those who officially were never canonized, for which one does not find a day of remembrance in the calendar of whose good deeds presumably only (few) know, perhaps only God.

All Saints Day as a holiday
The special thing about All Saints’ Day is, on the one hand, that it is not a public holiday in all German federal states.
In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, in the Saarland, in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as in Rhineland-Palatinate this day is a public holiday in the calendar. Not so in the other 11 German states!
On the other, All Saints Day is one of the quiet holidays.

Since All Saints Day is firmly bound to a date – the 1st of November – it can fall on any day of the week over the years. Also – which most children should not like – on a Saturday or Sunday!

Customs on All Saints
The Day of Remembrance will be followed on the Day of All Saints in the Catholic Church on 2 November All Souls, is thought of the deceased.

Many people go to the cemetery these days to decorate the last resting places of their deceased relatives and to enlighten with candlelight, to think of them together and to pray for their souls.
There are services and graves are blessed.

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