Allergiker friendly vacation in the beach residence Kühlungsborn

The way is (almost) clear!

We are always happy to welcome guests and are prepared for demanding visitors. Especially for people with slight disabilities…

The beach residence was designed in such a way that handicapped people also get along well in it. This is true for many – but not for all disabilities. It is therefore possible to live with low barriers, but we do not (!) fulfil all the requirements for barrier-free living!

Nevertheless: Guests with walking disabilities, who did not want to leave the house or only rarely, told us that they especially appreciated the fantastic view to the promenade, the beach, the marina and the wide Baltic Sea. The same was true for the fact that their care personnel could be accommodated in a separate holiday flat, as two flats could be connected internally (see floor plans of our holiday flats).

If you are disabled yourself, or one of your relatives is: Here is some information about our apartments and the immediate living environment. Interesting in this context are also the experience reports of disabled guests. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have personally.

Outside the apartments

At and in the building you will find wide doors, a wide elevator, wide garage spaces, wide shunting and drive-through areas for wheelchairs in front of and behind the front door and underground car park sluice door as well as in the stairwell and cellar.

There are no ramps – even outdoors – (because they are not required). But: the doors to the underground car park sluice and the front door are equipped with automatic steel spring closers for security reasons and have a 3 cm high threshold.

No door (except the elevator door) is an automatic door. You may therefore need help opening the doors. And: There is unfortunately a (!) step in front of the fitness and sauna area. But there is a mobile ramp.

Inside the apartments

All apartments are accessible without thresholds, and all floors are covered with slightly brushed marble. Sturdy armchairs are provided.

The light and bell switches are located at a height of 100 to 120 cm. The front doorbell system is 130 to 145 cm high, the video door intercom in the apartment 140 cm high.


The beds have an entry height of 50 cm (measured from the floor to the top of the mattress). In the bedroom we can provide wheelchair users with more manoeuvring space: Our double beds are single beds connected by hooks (92 x 200 cm) – we can separate them and remove one of the single beds on request.

Bath/WC & Shower

The WC seats are 46 to 48 cm high (floor to ceramic top edge), and there is a handle on each side of the WC.

The showers also have at least one handle. The hand shower can be height-adjusted and attached to the bar. A waterproof shower seat is available on request.

None of our showers are wheelchair accessible. Although they are laid out at ground level, they have a round (2 cm high) threshold. Guests should therefore be able to shower without assistance. The shower in apartment 4 is significantly larger than in the other apartments (1.42 m² / rectangular 142 x 100 cm / door width 62 cm) and free of thresholds. 2 persons have enough place in it. The existing shower chair can only be used here and in the sauna area – with nursing staff.

The washbasin tops are 89 cm high (because of the washer-dryers), the kitchen worktops 94 cm high (but cannot be driven under).

A frame threshold of 6-13 cm is unfortunately required in the window frame to the terrace/balcony. A mobile ramp is available in apartment 4 and apartment 7. For the other apartments we have not yet purchased them due to a lack of demand.

Limited suitability for wheelchair users

Based on the experience of a wheelchair user (40 years old) and other wheelchair users, we are of the opinion that only apartment 4 is suitable for wheelchair users in need of care to a limited extent. Partial mobility should still be available, e.g. entering the shower, using the toilet. Persons who are constantly dependent on the wheelchair also have difficulties in this apartment. For guests in need of care, we are happy to recommend the professional care service of the Diakoniewerk in northern Mecklenburg (, which bills its services directly to self-payers on a time basis. You can reach the contact persons of the nursing service under the following contact data: Phone: 038294/15223, Fax: 038294/15224. Disabled guests and guests in need of nursing care should consult us by telephone before booking! Phone 01712132818

Medical assistance & nursing services

For the visually impaired, the blind and the deaf we have not yet taken any precautions! However, we are grateful for advice on how we can help these people to live in our house.

Several outpatient nursing services offer their services in Kühlungsborn. We will be happy to provide you with addresses on request.

We want to buy SOS radio emergency call buttons. We are currently investigating the technical feasibility. Please ask us if you wish or need this service.

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