Allgäu in winter – gästeinformation hopferau

Experience the Allgäu in winter

The winter in Allgäu transforms the magnificent alpine scenery around Hopferau into a magical backdrop of glistening blankets of snow, white sugar-covered mountain peaks and frosty icicles. Whether cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing or relaxing in a thermal bath – depending on your fitness level and mood, you want to find your own personal Allgäu winter:

Cross-country skiing in the Allgäu

Cross-country skiing in the Allgäu is not just a classic winter activity but is now an established and respected sport. Prerequisites are perfectly prepared pistes – of course also for skaters – and proper equipment. More about cross-country skiing in the Allgäu

skiing & ski tours in the Allgäu

Even skiing enjoys a long tradition in the Allgäu! Skiing was a tourist attraction in the Alps as early as the 1920s. The numerous ski resorts and lifts in the region as well as the close proximity to the Tyrol region can discover new pistes almost every day and enjoy a fun-filled skiing holiday. Learn more about skiing in the Algäu

Winter hiking in the Allgäu

Those who like things a bit more relaxed, can enjoy the winter landscape on a winter hike in the Allgäu and around Hopferau. Plenty of exercise, lots of fresh air and a range of tours – one of the most popular winter activities. A ski resort or pistes is being used, and most activities start right from the doorstep. Learn more about winter hiking in the Allgäu

Skating & sledding

Ice skating and sledding are ideally suited for a family holiday in the Allgäu. That’s because they have lots of fun and can add a light to the lake or toboggan to the activities. There is an ice rink and toboggan run at various steep grade railways in nearby Füssen or Pfronten. More about Sledding in the Allgäu and ice skating in the Allgäu

The family in the Allgäu on winter holidays

Families who come to the Allgäu for winter holidays can find a wide range of leisure activities for young and old. Ice skating, sledding, light winter hikes, ski lifts with ski schools or snow-covered castles and ruins with a sleigh ride.

There is also a program for inclement weather on cloudy days – how about a trip to a water park, the castle museum or the climbing wall? The possibilities are endless, and everyone sinks in their beds at the end of an eventful day on holiday in the Allgäu. Learn more about family holidays in the Allgäu

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