Allgäu-short trip, 3 days – 3 favorite places

Allgäu short trip | 3 days – 3 favorite places

For a weekend in the Allgäu? From NRW is a weekend trip there a long way. For mountain bikers like us, the journey is worthwhile but to every season. What do we love the Alps for? Not only for the terrific air, but also for great panoramas on lakes and mountains. Just right for our photography and hiking hearts!

# 1: Forggensee | The largest reservoir in Germany

Near Füssen we are already in the middle of alpine dreamscapes. The Forggensee, Germany’s largest reservoir in terms of area, is only a few kilometers away. In winter, water is drained from the reservoir to prepare for the snowmelt in spring. At the end of March we experienced the lake in almost winter conditions. The ordinary lake shore was a few feet away and we reached the lakeshore with gravel and increasingly muddy ground. Sounds overly cautious? Well, on the way to the water, we both slipped in the mud and then looked like two little mud crabs. Therefore: care and keep a little distance. (in the mud one likes to sink in here too).

The panorama is outstanding in both summer and winter. On warm days, the meadows around the lake are crowded with bathers. Either you look for a spot away from the well-designated parking, or you can go straight to our next tip:

The bridge on the far right of the picture is directly above the water surface in summer. So we are feeling meter deep under the water surface!

# 2: Schmuttersee | Here we just sit

The Schmuttersee is a real gem and in contrast to the Forggensee simply an insider tip. Here in the summer only locals bathe for a swim, and on sunny and cool spring days, there are a few strollers.

Altherrenweg | Hiking in the Ammergau Alps

From the outskirts in Unterammergau it goes uphill to Romanshöhe first. Enchanting views of the Ammergau Alps open up on the way. Motivating when the goal is already in sight on a hike. Because with a view towards the Alps we can already see the church of Oberammergau in the distance. On the Romanshöhe the sun terrace of the inn offers a small break. In the spring, the meadows are in full bloom, we are currently experiencing the gentle transition from dry-yellow grass to the first green stalks.

On the way to Oberammergau, views of the Alps and short forest sections alternate regularly. Mostly the path now leads downhill. From the swimming pool WellenBerg, you will continue along the Laine to the famous center of Oberammergau. Already on the way there are more decorated with Lüftlmalerei house facades. In the center, smaller and larger shops with woodcarving are lined up. In addition to the Passion Play Oberammergau is also world famous.
Fancy a little refreshment? Then let’s go in Eiscafe Paradiso. What makes the situation difficult to touristic, served for sweet bites really great sundaes and for the hearty pleasure delicious bruschetta.

The way back leads through the nature reserve Pulvermoos along the Ammer and consistently flat back to Unterammergau.

A road trip over rural roads and Bavarian villages is the best way to explore the Allgäu!

What are your favorite places in the Alps or especially in the Allgäu? Whether in Germany, Switzerland or Austria – we look forward to your tips!

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