Also applies to the bonus issue: rather complete, information oral health

Also applies to the bonus booklet: Better complete!

Honestly? Now to the dentist, because a stamp in the bonus booklet is missing – that is not the purpose of the good thing! Finally, we should take care of our oral health regularly and throughout the year. So, if you take on your important preventive appointment twice a year, as a legally insured patient you should always have your bonus book with you. Then, in the hectic time to the end of the year, there is no unnecessary additional appointment stress – neither for the patient nor for the dental practice.

Anyone who proves the regular control in practice in the past five years, increases the fixed subsidy of his health insurance by 20 percent. For a stamped bonus book over ten years, there is even a 30 percent higher fixed subsidy.

Here is a simple example (source: proDente): “For a crown in the invisible area you receive without regular dental visits currently 122.98 €. If you can take precautionary measures over 10 years, the subsidy will increase by 30 percent to 159.87 euros. “

Tips for the bonus booklet:
  • Every legally insured person – and the insured children – should keep a bonus booklet!
  • Even though adults only need one check-up a year, experts recommend at least two visits a year to the dental office!
  • The bonus booklet is given to patients in the dental office and should be stamped there every time they visit!
  • Should the bonus booklet ever be lost, the practice can use the documents to provide a valid replacement (also applies to missing stamps in the magazine)!
  • With a dentist change the bonus booklet retains its validity (keep old bonus booklets necessarily)!
  • It is the task of the patient to think of the necessary stamp (but the practice certainly reminds in good time)!
  • If the prescribed controls are not proven, you must meet the regular appointments for at least five years!
  • For children from the age of 6 and adolescents up to the age of 18, there is a special preventive program – the “individual prophylaxis (requires a visit to the dentist twice a year from children and adolescents)
Further information can be found here:
  • KZBV – the Federal Dentists Association
  • Initiative proDente e. V.

So if you regularly go to the dentist and prove the visit, you can save money. But first and foremost, it’s about health – not just teeth. Bacterial diseases such as periodontitis affect the entire body and can increase the risk of diabetes, rheumatism or cardiovascular disease.

In addition, healthy, beautiful and complete rows of teeth also mean vitality and quality of life. In the end, the bonus booklet does not help much here, just the professional preventive measures taken by professionals for oral health in practice.

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