Altschauerberg anzeiger – 23, 12, 17: silent night, hoarse night

Oh man! Instead of giving “a rest” at Christmas time, yesterday our Rainerle made us happy again with a stream on YouNow.

Actually, he wanted to be a bit more youth-friendly, but that can we take off our make-up – it’s Christmas after all! There he sits (with a new shirt with a “funny” saying), smokes shisha, whistles one beer after another and shoves his hoarse voice over a cold.

Oh … and the haters are ignored again. Happy Holiday!

Instead of an embedded video, you first have to deal with a direct link to the video – I have NO clue why, but for some reason the Dragon Lord stream becomes a video interview with Robert A. Wilson (the author of the Illuminatus! Trilogy) when I do embed it here. I have already tried other videos, so there is no problem. Extremely mysterious!

  • He sits there and makes a shisha. (In front a few Days ago he said that he wanted to be more youth-friendly and now he is indulging in the stream of his nicotine addiction. You really couldn’t make it up.)
  • The fact that he smokes and drinks today is an exception – after all, it is Christmas! (No, it’s actually not Christmas on December 23rd.)
  • Tomorrow he will also be streaming for an hour, but he will announce that again exactly on Twitter.
  • He also drinks beer again. (Only Gaas-Seidla, the alcohol content is therefore limited, the calorific value with 250 kcal per bottle is not.)
  • There is one in the last half hour "Desire Time", so that he can enjoy his shisha until then.
  • The tree was the last 2 years5 years or even decorated longer.
  • His shirt is a Christmas present. It says the following: “I will stay the way I am. If only because it bothers others. ”
  • He is so hoarse because he is sick and has a sore throat. (Me too. Really true.)
  • Collecting donations is not work, but it is "Idiots" to endure comes “Work very close”.
  • He usually remembers the Nightcore titles based on the pictures.
  • "Is it wise to smoke when I have a sore throat?" Probably not, right? ”
  • If he didn’t have a neck, he wouldn’t be able to wheeze because then he wouldn’t have a windpipe either.
  • He doesn’t care that he always uses “YOLO” incorrectly: "I’m a rebel, I do what I want!" (Funnily enough, he even used it correctly: he is sick, but still smokes shisha – “YOLO”.)
  • If he had really shouted about the haters, you would have noticed that no more videos were coming. (Judging from the fact that he is so upset about such claims, it can be assumed that it is true that he has once again yelled at Hater. According to Breidsamer, they just wanted to give him a tree …)
  • This year he’s really alone at Christmas, but “Yolo, I’m not interested in that”. His girlfriend did not run away from him. (What doesn’t exist cannot leave you. Practically, actually.)
  • When someone asked him to chat that he should turn the tree on: “Oah, great tree! It’s going to be awesome tonight! ” He can’t turn the tree on because there are no lights on.
  • “If you only downgrade people to their physical characteristics, you are mostly the asshole yourself!” (Good thing you never insult people just because of their looks.)
  • He is happy because he has one “Gorgeous girlfriend”, which he "about everything" loves him “Doing his stuff right now”, he has “Really good what tore” with his subscribers and the coal he made on YouNow and his Twitch streams are going well too. He thinks that this year was actually a good year. (Umm. Ok. If you consider the loss of a gallbladder, the car accident, the lonely birthday and a broken tooth as "quite well" want to designate …)
  • He has not been interviewing for five years. (Oh, the interview from the Boneclinks stream was five years ago ?!)
  • Until December 26th subscribers can have unlimited Christmas carols. (Actually it was said that you wouldn’t have time to stream at Christmas ………)
  • The second bottle of Gaas-Seidla has just been opened.
  • The haters have no idea what he really deserves. What they always calculate based on the bar donations is not true at all. (Is it even less …?)
  • When someone asked him that he didn’t really want to stream Christmas after all, our Rainerle naturally reacted bleakly again – you can never please people!
  • He goes short "pee".
  • He brought a mozzarella ball (309 kcal) with him, which he stokes up. He is hungry because he hasn’t eaten anything today, he had no time for that. (He really swallows the whole ball down in two bites.)
  • He doesn’t do anything with his girlfriend at Christmas, but that’s anyway "Private matter".
  • He would ask all YouTubers and streamers to join #Privatleben and answer the question whether they have a private life. Maybe he’ll make a video about it too. (#Daily life instead of #private life, my opinion.)
  • He doesn’t want to get older at all: If he gets older, he might not have lived his life as well as he could have lived. If he went there today, he would have no regrets.
  • He was in the sauna for the last time in the middle of the year – shortly before his birthday.
  • He didn’t plunge his entire village into the abyss. They were the people who come to him and make shit, knock out a tooth, or threaten him with batons or knives. He has nothing to regret because he has done nothing! He didn’t do anything to anyone.
  • He advises a user in the chat: “Turn on the brain before thinking!”
  • He is the new tooth gap Johnny because he is actually the one who has a real tooth gap.
  • Sometimes he receives hundreds of letters a day, which he cannot answer all of them.
  • He hasn’t had a Christmas tree in the past three years. Except for this and last year. (Remember yourself, right?)
  • In recent years it has become dull, you can no longer trigger it. His “Short rumgemoser” is not a "Mett".
  • He is in “A far more relaxed person” become. "You made me so sensitive that I just missed my ass."
  • The people who attack him and think they can get away with it are the ones who live in a fantasy world and not him!
  • Don’t go on vacation because then “Dismantled the booth” would.
  • He hasn’t paid attention to the haters for half a year and the hate is now “On the decline, you don’t notice much of it anymore”. (Lately, you’ve been doing almost nothing other than ignoring the haters …)
  • All the guys like Breidsamer talk all the time about things they have no idea about. Which source do they refer to ?! (Source review with Dr. Ache)
  • “Turn on the brain, think and then act… or write.”
  • "There is nothing I care more than the haters."
  • Two more songs, then it’s over.
  • His throat hurts with every word he says. He feels like he has “Stuck blades in the throat”, while he speaks.
  • He got something for his girlfriend for Christmas. But he won’t say what she gets, it doesn’t concern anyone.
  • What he gets for Christmas is nobody’s business.
  • Is for tomorrow "perhaps" a stream planned. He can’t say when it will be.
  • It is not our concern whether there is a Christmas dinner with his girlfriend. (It was just said that you would not do anything with her at Christmas and you are alone. But that is definitely one of those veils lying, lel.)
  • And then the spook is finally over.

The flag spook is now over, because today the last door of this year’s flag event calendar opens.

What is behind it today … Uff!

This is the flag of the small American town North Pole, Alaska – the home of Santa Claus (apart from Korvatunturi in Finland, Drøbak in Norway or Mora in Sweden). Otherwise Bob Ross also lived in North Pole for a few years – unfortunately there is not much else that can be said about the town.

There is a large seal with a wide white border on an obliquely red / white striped surface. At the top is “NORTH POLE”, at the bottom is “ALASKA”, on the left a candy cane and on the right a holly branch. Inside the seal is a picture of goddamn Santa with a red and white pole, reindeer, the flag of Alaska (the star constellation “the big car” on a blue background), northern lights, mountains, a snow-covered fir tree, a stylized “NP” and a jet fighter , Like from a children’s book!

Too much for Ehmalla:

This flag really breaks ALL the rules of good flag design, but it just makes it great – a flag could hardly be more American and Christmassy.

Today’s amusing Amazon purchase is completely un-American and Christmas-like – but it is still great.

It is a Kim Jong-un mask.

Just a reminder: Kim Jong-un is the one currently in power. I always remember that “Jong-un” sounds a bit like “young” and he is the youngest of the Kims. His father was Kim Jong-Il and his father Kim Il-Sung

Pretty confusing, these Kims. I hope that you don’t have such complicated names in your family – that might otherwise cause confusion when giving presents.

Until then, get home well (always check the condition of the motorway and check the forecast when the weather is good), get rich gifts, be nice to the beloved (and unloved) relatives and have a lot of fun looking for an erotic adventure at the company party … Merry Grav-Mass!

(The Amazon links are affiliate links. As an Amazon partner, I earn qualified purchases. More on this here.)


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