Am i actually allowed to? Class b driver’s license: what am i allowed to drive??

Almost every adult german has it, the class B driver’s license. "What can I drive with it?" – the question is not as easy to answer as one might think. You learn this in driving school, but hand on heart: who knows anymore?? And who knows what B96, BE, BF17 and BEF17 means? Here you can find out.

Car driver’s license class B and extensions

Currently, there are 16 driving license classes in germany and in the entire european union, which are defined in §6 of the driving license ordinance (fev).

The commonly called "auto driving license the above mentioned driving license includes the driving license class B and the extensions B96, BE and the so called driving license from 17 for accompanied driving BF17 and BEF 17.

With the class B driver’s license you can drive the following vehicles:

  • Vehicles with a permissible total mass (empty weight plus maximum payload) of maximum 3.5 tons
  • Vehicles used for the transport of maximum eight persons (except the driver) are built and designed
  • trailers with a maximum permissible weight of 750 kilos
  • vehicles in classes L (certain agricultural machines) and AM (mopeds)

Some volunteers are allowed more

Some volunteer groups are exempt from the weight limit of 3.5 tons. Specifically, these are:

  • Members of the volunteer fire department
  • Members of the technical relief organization
  • members of other disaster control units
  • Members of rescue services recognized by state law

These people are allowed to drive emergency vehicles on public roads throughout the country with their class B license federal territory driving; when using a trailer, you are allowed an increased total mass of 4.75 tons.

However, you must have held your driver’s license for at least two years and, in addition to the practical test, you must also have received instruction in the technology and driving of such emergency vehicles.

Tractor driving included

Included in the driving license class B are also the classes AM and L. In concrete terms, this means that with a class B driver’s license you are also allowed to drive the following vehicles:

  • Mopeds and scooter, also bicycles with auxiliary engine, up to a maximum speed of 45 km/h and with a maximum capacity of 50ccm with an internal combustion engine or an electric motor
  • Two-wheeled mopeds (mopeds and mokicks) up to a maximum speed of 45 km/h or a maximum of four kilowatts nominal power with an electric motor
  • Three-wheeled mopeds, so-called trikes and four-wheeled light vehicles, so-called quads. The following also applies to these vehicles: maximum speed 45 km/h, maximum 50 ccm cubic capacity or. A rated power of four kilowatts for electric motors. In addition, there is an empty mass of no more than 350 kilograms.
  • Agricultural and forestry tractors, which have a maximum speed of 40 km/h or, with a trailer, a maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • Self-drivingwork machines and feed mixer, forklift and other so-called industrial trucks, drive at a maximum speed of 25 km/h, even with a trailer

Special feature: the restrictions regarding maximum speed and engine capacity for trikes were only introduced with the entry into force of the EU reform for standardized driver’s license classes. Anyone who has obtained their class B driver’s license before the age of 19. if you have obtained your license on january 2013, you are still allowed to drive such a vehicle without any limitation and even to use a trailer.

trailers are allowed – within limits

If you have a class B driver’s license, you may also use a trailer, but you must observe the following limits. Permitted are:

  • Trailers with a total permissible mass (empty weight plus maximum load) of 750 kilograms maximum or
  • trailers with a maximum authorized mass of more than 750 kilograms, if trailer and car together the permissible total mass of 3.5 tons not exceed

If you want a bit more: trailer driving licenses

If you have to transport more with a trailer on a regular basis, you need a car driver’s license extension or a trailer license in consideration. Here comes the already above mentioned driving license class BE into play. This means that instead of the maximum possible 750 kilograms, a driver can drive a trailer up to a maximum permissible mass of 3.5 tons driving.

the BE driving license can be obtained either at the same time as the class B driving license or subsequently; in any case, it requires attendance at a driving school and a practical test are put down. coupling and uncoupling as well as reversing to the left are tested here. The theory part is already with the "normal" driver’s license done.

Since 2013, there has been another possibility to drive a trailer with more than the usual trailer limit of 750 kilograms: the class B96. This is not a driver’s license, but a key number, which extends the car driver’s license in terms of trailer regulations. The class B driver’s license with the key number 96 permits the driving of a class B tractor plus a trailer up to a maximum permissible weight of 4.25 tons and used especially for caravans.

This B96 license can also be obtained either at the same time as the class B license or at a later date. However, it requires a training in theory and practice. The theoretical part must comprise at least 2.5 hours, and the practical part at least 3.5 hours, plus an additional hour of driving in a real environment. A test is not necessary; the driving school issues a certificate for the participation in the training. As soon as you present it to the driving license office, the key number on the license will be added.

Am I actually allowed to? Class B driver's license: what am I allowed to drive??

Accompanied driving from 17

you can make a car driving license actually only starting from 18. Since 1. January 2011, however, there is the possibility of accompanied driving from 17 for the driving license classes B and BE. As the name implies, the driver’s license can then be obtained at 17 – but the novice driver may always drive only with an accompanying person. Not everyone is allowed to accompany either. The person must have some conditions fulfill:

  • It must be at least 30 years be old.
  • It must have been at least five years uninterruptedly the driver’s license have class B.
  • She is allowed to drive maximum one point in the traffic offender record in flensburg have.

If the learner driver is caught without an accompanying person, he or she must expect a revocation of the driving license!

However, the class B driver’s license includes the right to drive class AM vehicles (scooters, mopeds, mopeds, etc.).) and L (tractor) also apply without an accompanying person.

Exemption for training professions

The traffic legal protection of ADVOCARD

young people in certain apprenticeship professions are allowed to get their car license at the age of 17; however, this exemption only applies to driving a car within the training period and only in germany. This regulation affects trainees in the professions:

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