Amazon series christiane f

Amazon series christiane f

Amazon series "Christiane F.": These are the new children from Zoo station (with picture)

Almost 40 years after Uli Edel’s “We Children from Bahnhof Zoo” cult filming, the story of a drug-addicted youth from Berlin on Amazon is now being reissued as a series. Now a first picture of the cast has been published.

"We children from Bahnhof Zoo" was on the Spiegel bestseller list for 95 whole weeks, making it the most successful German non-fiction book of the post-war period. Christiane Felscherinow’s biographical book is still a must-read in many schools. After Uli Edel had already filmed the material in 1981 as "Christiane F. – We children from the Bahnhof Zoo", the story now even goes into series.

In collaboration with Amazon, Constantin is currently developing the eight-part series “We Children from the Zoo Station”, of which there is now a first picture. On it you can see: the new children from Zoo station!

While the 1981 film is mainly about Christiane F. (then: Natja Brunckhorst), who lives in a fucked-up part of Berlin with her mother, sister and cat and always slides deep into the drug environment at the age of 13, the whole group should now be equally in focus in the series.

The various young people around Christiane (in the series: Jana McKinnon) come from a wide variety of social backgrounds and therefore have to deal with very different problems. Nevertheless, their paths cross at the infamous Zoo station.

While the original story is clearly anchored in the 70s, the series should be independent of time. "We have no cell phones or computers. And that’s not important either"Says producer Oliver Berben. "After a few minutes, you don’t even think about the time component because it just pulls you under its spell."

Like Oliver Berben ("Shadowhunters", "Parfum") in conversation with colleagues from Variety confirmed, the search for the perfect Christiane cast was particularly difficult. There were already two candidates until he suddenly noticed Jana McKinnon in the background.

"She looked into the camera and I said, "This is her!""Said Berben. Above all, her pure, emotional expression had reinforced him in the decision to give McKinnon the role. It all happened just before: Christiane was still not cast four weeks before shooting started. There was always something missing.

The 20-year-old Austrian could already be seen in Götz Spielmann’s Oscar-nominated “revenge” in 2008, seven years later she finally got the lead role in Dominik Hartl’s coming-of-age film "Beautiful Girl". Most recently she was seen in "To The Night" and "Wach" by real singer Kim Frank.

The role of Benno will be played by 18-year-old Michelangelo Fortuzzi, who most recently stood in front of the camera for the episode film "Berlin, I Love You", which also features numerous Hollywood stars.

In addition to producer Oliver Berben, author Annette Hess is a main force of the series. She already supplied scripts for successful formats such as “Ku’damm 59” or “59” and “Weißensee”.

The eight episodes are directed by director Philip Kadelbach, who most recently also sat on the director’s chair of the "Perfume" series after Patrick Süskind.

"Christiane F: We children from Bahnhof Zoo" will be launched on Amazon Prime Video. However, there is currently no release date.

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