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Contact and getting to know each other made easy: the communication card game brings fun at parties, closeness to first dates and new depth in relationships.


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. and you? is a card game to get to know each other better. It was by Ramos conceived, designed and tested with many participants, the feedback was very positive and now it is time to print the first edition.

You can support this important step by ordering card sets (at a pre-release price) – for you, as a gift, for professional use .

The game has received a lot of positive feedback since the start of implementation, some of the testers used it at their moving-in parties or to get to know new lovers better than entertainment with their relationship partners – they didn’t want to return the playsets at all;)

How does the game make your life better?

Getting to know new people is easier with good questions.
No matter if you get to know strangers at a party or get to know each other want if you the first time you meet your date Need support or whether you Get to know your partner from a new side want: with the card game ". and you?" it will be easier (and for the shy among us: it’s even fun!)

The carefully selected questions support you in really getting to know each other better. It is known that in-depth communication only really works if the communication partners show themselves – that is possible Trust and closeness.
In the 1980s, a psychologist started an experiment to find out if unknown people fell in love more easily if they asked each other questions in a certain pattern and then looked each other in the eye for 4 minutes.

The experiment showed that when using the question cards the perceived proximity was significantly stronger than with normal ones "small talk". An above average number of couples fell in love.

Modern tests – and also our tests with the auditions – showed that the proximity is really much more noticeable. That was the start for the development of the card game ". and you?": the questions are great tools for getting to know each other.
Whether you want to look each other in the eye for a long time after playing cards depends on the context: the cards are also suitable for getting to know new colleagues.

Beyond everyday questions, there are other areas of life in which interesting questions arise. the first "extension" to the basic play set is that "Ü18 Set". Further extensions to other subject areas will be developed as soon as these first two sets are finished.

The questions (basic set and Ü18 set)

The questions of Basic Sets of the game are taken from all areas of life. You are in three "playing levels" divided into more and more personal questions. The game levels have different colors (blue, green, orange) and are easy to distinguish. The questions are formulated in such a way that you can always find an ‘evasive’ answer; but the point of the game is that everyone tells about himself and really shows himself in his nature.
That is why there are very few rules that support this goal well.
Exemplary questions:

  • "What in your life makes you really happy? " (Blue)
  • "What do you like to drink when you are thirsty??" (Blue)
  • "Which You have not yet fulfilled a dream?" (Blue)
  • "Will you get better or worse in an exam situation??" (Green)
  • "What would you do if you had only one day left to live??" (Green)
  • "What can you cry about??" (Orange)
  • "Would you lie to impress your partner?" (Orange)

The Ü18 Set deals with more intimate questions, i.e. with the areas of relationship, lust and sexuality. The questions are of course ‘family safe’ (that’s why you can buy this game under the age of 18). how far the answers go quickly shows "chemistry" between partners. And, of course, there is also the possibility to use the question cards to discuss things that would be ‘very difficult’ without. Here is a real opportunity "Tinder-Dates": You can quickly get to know your new acquaintance better – and check whether your interests are the same.
Sample questions from the Ü18 set ::

  • "When do you address contraception??"
  • "What makes a good kiss for you?"
  • "How is it for you when others see you having sex??"

Technical specifications:
Each play set consists of 33 cards in normal playing card format (92x58mm). It is printed in high quality four-color printing on special playing cardboard. The cover is made of cardboard and is also printed in four colors.

". and you?" is a game that makes it easier for you to get to know others, especially getting to know each other deeper the "Person behind it"; it supports ‘getting into conversation’ and that deep connections are created.
So it is for all people, who want to get to know their fellow human beings, want to discover the world, who do not want to be satisfied with small talk; and especially for those who sometimes have a small one support might need.

Through the really unusual questions you will learn surprising things about yourself and the person you are talking to, and it will quickly create closeness and familiarity. So you can play the game with your long-time partner as well as with your work colleagues or your next date.

With the card game ". and you?" a real communication tool comes to you that is also fun.

With the card game ". and you?" a real communication tool comes to you that is also fun.
Support the creation of the first edition and get this wonderful game before it is available in the store. You will use it many times with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, partners and lovers.

The games will be delivered to supporters before Christmas! – ". and you?" is also the ideal gift for acquaintances, friends, relatives.

The money is used to pay for the costs of print preparation, printing and (free of charge for the supporters) shipping. The sets are 33 cards printed in four colors from high-quality playing cardboard, the packaging is made of cardboard for environmental reasons.

The schedule stipulates that the cards will be with the supporters before Christmas – so is ". and you?" also the ideal gift for acquaintances, friends, relatives.

The game ". and you?" developed Ramos. The further design and processing runs under the roof of his company ‘Acasha UG (limited liability)’ in Berlin.

The "Card Papa" Ramos has experience in handling (even larger) projects: he managed a media agency in Berlin for 16 years and is confident that everything will go smoothly with the further development of card games.
He is looking forward to having the first playsets on your table and everyone pouncing on them and having fun with his idea.

Ramos was born in 1965, studied design, theater technology and computer science, works as a lighting designer, engineer, owner of a multi-media agency (design and programming), then trained as a consultant for life issues, in the field of body work and as a hypnotist.
He has two daughters and a grandson. He is interested in questions of self-development, language patterns and (psychological) life relationships.


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