Andalusia guide – cities, white villages, coasts, routes and tips

Andalusia travel guide

13 cities – 15 white villages – 9 nature highlights – 4 coasts – 4 routes + real insider tips!

NEW: In our Andalusien travel guide you will find all the important information you need for your travel planning!

Over 370 pages packed with the most beautiful destinations, sights, cities, white villages, coasts, natural wonders and routes!

For six months, we have researched intensively and can now proudly present it to you: the perfect travel guide for your unforgettable holiday in Andalusia!

Andalusia made easy!

Hey, we are Sara & Marco! And you know what? We would like to kidnap you. To Andalusia! In one of the most varied regions of Europe! A region that has so much more in it than beautiful beaches and warm temperatures.

With this guide, we want to show you the south of Spain, as hardly anyone knows him and help you in the planning really under the arms.

For you this means: a relaxed writing style, authentic pictures and information, information, information. After all, there is a lot to consider and much more to discover!

That awaits you on more than 370 pages!


More than 180 sights scattered over countless cities, villages and nature + special chapters on the Alhambra. More Andalusia love does not work!


13 cities including important tips on restaurants, accommodation, parking, public transport, the optimal length of stay and much more.

Coastal & beaches

All four major coastal regions with a total of 21 beaches. You will also learn more about typical beach resorts and possible water sports.

White villages

15 white beauties that immerse you in the bygone era of the Moors. Also here you will find highlights, restaurants and accommodations!

Nature Highlights

10 nature highlights that make you speechless! Starting with sand dunes over mountains to flamingos, national parks and hikes.


4 different route suggestions: one week, two weeks, three weeks + a small special route along the white villages. Perfectly coordinated!

restaurants & Accommodations

Every town and almost every white village has delicious restaurants and cozy accommodations. Whether for the big or small purse!

travel Tips

Lots of classic travel information with tips on travel, transportation, car hire, money, travel time, food, drink, shopping, security and much, much more!


English in Andalusia? Difficult! A phrasebook with the main Spanish words will prepare you for the journey and help you on the ground.

Look in the travel guide + excerpt

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Not convinced yet? Then take a look at our 36-page reading sample including table of contents!

That’s what real buyers say!

The two have managed a great travel guide for Andalusia! Logical structure, texts that let the reader feel their enthusiasm and images that make you want to start right away. In addition a fresh and modern design, in which I would like to have many more travel guides. 370 inspirational pages. Absolute recommendation!

Sara and Marco did an excellent job here. You can tell that the guide was designed with great dedication and attention to detail. But the guide also scores above all with its refreshing and informal style of writing, in contrast to many other old-fashioned, straightforward travel guides that can otherwise be bought in the trade.

The travel guide helped us a lot with our travel planning. We also find it nice that he is not 08/15 and therefore much more personal, younger and more modern than the usual guide. Thanks to the authors for so much concentrated knowledge and great insider tips!

Class. A lot of good, above all useful information, short and precise, not extravagant, exactly the information I need to reasonably plan a trip. I had already read so much that I no longer knew where we would like to go. Now you summarize the beautiful places fantastic, to plan a nice tour. thanks for that.

14-day money-back guarantee! We do not know excuses!

Buying risk? Are not with us! To clear the last doubts, we give you an unrestricted money-back guarantee – For 14 days! Just take a look at the Andalusia travel guide and if you do not like it, the money will be returned in full.

What does the guide cost?

  • eBook
  • $ 100
  • book
  • $ 100
  • Book + eBook
  • $ 100

If you are up “I want to!” Click, you come to our partner and payment processor Elopage. There you can pay by PayPal, Sofortüberweisung & Pay in advance.

The authors? Sara & Marco!

Yeah, that’s us. The two here in the picture. Travel bloggers with a lot of love in their luggage and the founders of Love and compass. We love traveling, foreign cultures, spicy food, the scent of the sea and us. At least a bit! ;) Our motto: Coconut and tongue kiss!

Oh yes, and we are also Andalusiensüchtig! So much so that in 2017 and 2018 we traveled for six months through the south of Spain. We just say: Yeah, we know Andalusia. Pretty good even.

Above all, the unique mixture of Spanish modernity, Arab past and gigantic nature, has enchanted us immediately! A mixture that we would like to show you. Nice that you’re here!

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Questions about the Andalusia travel guide

What payment options are there?

To make it as easy and flexible as possible for you, we have integrated three of the most common payment options:

How long does delivery take?

This depends on which payment option and which variant you have decided on.

eBook: If you pay with PayPal or Sofortüberweisung, you will receive the download link for the book immediately via e-mail. If you pay in advance, you will receive the download link as soon as the transfer has been received.

Printed travel guide: Do you pay with PayPal or Sofortüberweisung the shipping takes 2-3 business days. If you pay in advance, the book will be sent as soon as the money is received. From this day it will be another 2-3 working days.

With which program can I read or open the eBook?

Since you will receive the eBook as a PDF, you can open it with any good PDF program on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. We can recommend you the free market leader Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may have already installed anyway.

Note: With an Amazon Kindle, you can not open the Andalusia Travel Guide. Unfortunately, Kindle still does not support PDFs or displaying color images.

Can I also post the support via voice message later?

Can I also book individual questions?

Did you mention campsites in the guidebook??

No, you will not find campsites in the Andalusia travel guide. We are not campers ourselves and therefore we do not want to spend ourselves as experts in this area.

At the end we recommend campsites, which we did not use ourselves and which turn out to be totally miserable. That would not give us any pleasure, and certainly not you.

Are detailed cities- & Area maps Part of the guide?

No, you will not find detailed city maps in the travel guide. We considered for a long time and got some offers from different card providers.

Why did we decide against it in the end? Because it would not have been feasible, unfortunately. Had we included an exact, large map for each city, the tour guide‘s costs would have shot up to at least € 50. A price that nobody would be willing to pay. We do not either.

In addition, many roads are extremely narrow and small and even with detailed maps either not at all, completely wrong or with a different name are marked.

Completely without maps but the guide is not enough! We have integrated several rough outline maps that show all cities, villages, nature highlights and routes.

In addition, you will find the address of the tourist office with small directions and opening times at every city and every white village. There you will always receive a free overview map on site.

Do you still have questions?

You are still not sure if our Andalusia guide is the right choice? You have more questions about it? Then send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll answer you as soon as possible!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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