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Android OS is a platform from Google, which is used in particular by manufacturers for smartphones and tablets. Android is also generally understood to mean the open source operating system. Although Android is now used in various areas as the basis for systems, one means Android devices in common usage smartphones, which are operated with a version of the system.

Android OS: More than just an operating system

Like iOS for Apple devices, the Android operating system provides the foundation for smartphones, tablet computers and netbooks from various manufacturers, which are based on the Linux kernel. In addition to iOS, Android is now one of the world’s most widely used systems for mobile devices and has a comprehensive App Store with Google’s Play Store, the content of which is rapidly increasing. In addition, Android is a key component of the Open Handset Alliance as a core product.

The Android versions

In our photo gallery you will find all information about the different versions of Android and all other Android-based operating systems from Google. If you want to know more about the development of the system or just look up the latest smartphone version, then take a look at the following picture gallery for all Andriod variants.

the fall of 2003, Andy Rubin founded the company Android after ending his career as CEO of Danger. As a software for the then not ubiquitous mobile phones, it was still quite unknown and treated primarily location-based services. The system originally served to control digital cameras.

In 2005, Google bought the company and announced in November 2007, finally, with 33 other members of the Open Handset Alliance to develop the operating system for mobile phones Android. Finally, it was officially available from 21.10.2008.

Since then, especially Samsung has made a name in the product category of Android devices. But also companies like LG and Huawei produce high quality smartphones. The latter has now become the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the industry. Together with the subsidiary Honor Huawei offers a strong price-performance ratio. Google has once again entered the high-end smartphone market with Google Pixel devices.

On the subject:

Which name will Google for Andro>

Google is facing a difficult task with the next naming of Android version 10.0 “Q”. Not many sweets and pastries begin with the letter. Will Google keep its schema? What do you think about what Android Q will be called? Let us know!


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