“Anglicanism has become a joke”

Following the Vatican's offer to Anglicans willing to convert, the first bishop of the Church of England has publicly stated his willingness to do so. He will be "happy to be ordained again in the Catholic Church," the Bishop of Chichester, John Hind, was quoted as saying in the online edition of The Sunday Telegraph newspaper. He cited divisions within the Anglican world communion as the reason for his decision.

Earlier in the week, the Vatican had held out the prospect of making it easier for Anglicans to convert to Catholicism. Pope Benedict XVI. Will soon establish special structures for Anglican priests and faithful who wish to maintain their liturgy and spiritual heritage while entering into full communion with the Catholic Church. Because of intra-Anglican tensions over doctrinal and disciplinary ies, Rome's move could affect thousands of converts. Hind belongs to the conservative wing of the Anglican Church. This criticizes, among other things, the ordination of women and homosexuals as bishops. Hind called the planned introduction of personal ordinariates a "remarkable move by the Vatican," according to the Telegraph. At the same time, he lamented that the Anglican world communion could not exist if its bishops were not "fully in communion with one another". The Anglican Bishop of Fulham, John Broadhurst, even said "the Anglican experiment" was over, according to the report. Church has proven powerless in crisis, she says. "Anglicanism has become a joke" and no longer has "a doctrine of its own.".

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Christina Cherry
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