Annoying lip herpes – what to do?


Annoying cold sore – what to do?

Burning or itchy blisters on the lips or eyes as well as redness of the skin are typical symptoms of herpes. Triggered by the herpes simplex virus, herpes is a relatively common infection that can be very uncomfortable. We show you what you need to consider regarding herpes and what remedies can help.

Triggers and causes of herpes

Herpes is triggered by the so-called herpes simplex virus, which affects about 90% of people. This is often transmitted by mutual infection already in childhood. This can happen, for example, via the saliva or over the air. There is then a life-long risk for the affected person. The pathogen can be activated by weakening the immune system and other causes and trigger the infection. These causes include:

  • Flu, cold and fever
  • Strong UV radiation
  • Physical and mental stress
  • Limited immune defense (e.g., by disease)
  • Hygiene defects and disgust
  • Menstruation and pregnancy

Herpes home remedies – what really helps?

Herpes is primarily a very annoying infection that is rather unpleasant in everyday life. For that reason, it should be treated effectively. We show you which home remedy for herpes are effective.


Honey is a very good home remedy for herpes. This is due to the antimicrobial substances contained in the honey. These effectively fight the bacteria and viruses of the infection, preventing the spread. In addition, the honey also seals open skin, which limits the spread of the virus. To apply the honey, simply apply it to the affected area. Honey is available in every supermarket and can often be found at home under the spreads. However, manuka honey from New Zealand is particularly effective. The special flowers are extremely effective against herpes, because the immune system is additionally strengthened. This honey can be found in many pharmacies as a recipe.

Tea Tree Oil:

The miracle cure is also ideal for fighting herpes. Tea tree oil has a disinfecting effect. This hinders the virus in reproduction, which can effectively limit herpes. For this purpose, the tea tree oil should be applied as soon as possible and regularly (about every hour) to affected areas. Particularly suitable for this is a cotton rod. Sometimes it can even completely prevent the outbreak of the infection. Due to the strong effect and certain irritants that harm the skin, however, highly concentrated tea tree oil can be harmful to health and should only be used after consultation with a doctor.


Lemon Balm is a proven home remedy that helps you counteract herpes. The active ingredients in highly concentrated lemon balm extract prevent the herpes viruses from entering your cells. Thus, the herpes often goes back quickly and the symptoms decrease over time. It is best to apply the active ingredients in the form of ointments. Such creams with lemon balm can be found in almost every pharmacy. Alternatively, a lemon balm from 25 g Melissa leaves and 250 ml of boiling water can be placed. Then let the whole draw for about 10 minutes and then dab on the affected area.

The anti-inflammatory effect of zinc can turn out to be very effective against herpes. First and foremost, it fights the bacteria (but often not the viruses) and disinfects the skin. In addition, zinc also dries out, which helps very well against the blisters on the lips or eyes. Zinc is applied to the affected areas of the face with zinc ointment. Such ointments are available in many pharmacies. Toothpaste: Toothpaste is considered by many people as an insider tip against herpes. However, toothpaste may also have negative side effects. The irritating substances can further damage the skin, for example. The component of the toothpaste that is responsible for the supposedly healing effect is zinc. However, this is not included in all toothpastes and should be used better than zinc ointment to avoid side effects.

In addition, there are also some other eye and cold sore home remedies that can be effectively used to fight herpes viruses. These include, for example, aloe vera, garlic and coconut oil. However, you can also try ginger and black tea. These home remedies are easily available in the supermarket.

What do I have to consider in herpes?

The home remedies for herpes mentioned here can prove to be very effective. However, you should consider the following important points, so that your annoying ugly herpes heals as soon as possible.

  • You should treat the herpes infection as early as possible. This relieves the symptoms quickly and can prevent the spread.
  • Further infections in other skin areas should be prevented. For this you should use cotton buds for applying home remedies to the bubbles and never touch them.
  • You should boost your immune system by getting enough sleep and a healthy diet. Immune-guarding influences like too much sun should be avoided.
  • Protect other people from getting infected by not sharing napkins, glasses, etc. You should also refrain from kissing for the duration of the infection.

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