Anonymus – film criticism

Anonymus - film criticism

Anonymus – Film criticism

The film features Lord Oxford as the true author of William Shakespeare’s plays and the dramatic events surrounding the succession of Queen Elizabeth I and the “Essex Rebellion” against her.


The plot is mainly in the year 1598, a decade after the victory of the English over the Spanish Armada and shortly before the failed Essex conspiracy (1601) settled. At that time, the power struggles for the succession of Elizabeth I was raging. She was to be the last Tudor on the throne, her successor was James I, from the House of Stuart.

The second level of the film is the question of who the “real” author of the works we know under the name “William Shakespeare” is. The film follows the so-called “Oxford Theory” after the author is the male protagonist of the film, Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.

Review / Krtik

The Noble Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (Rhys Ifans) is a talented playwright and actor whose position at Court unfortunately forces him to announce in public that he no longer pursues his activities. He tries to override his plays and sonnets on Ben Johnson (Sebastian Armesto), but that’s easier said than done.

When William Shakespeare (Rafe Spall) claims authorship, this is his least concern, as the words from Edward’s plays affect the political climate.

The theater atmosphere is very well captured in Anonymous. The actor Rhys Ifans is unmistakably a “power plant”, and although the rest of the cast plays well, he outshines everyone else. Just like director Roland Emmerich, who uses every trick available to him to put a sophisticated drama with elaborate costumes and magnificent scenery admirably in scene.

England’s future is at stake when it comes out that Edward’s inspiration is based on a love affair with Queen Elizabeth (Vanessa Redgrave and, in her more recent form, Joely Richardson). These secrets present the power of words to win the love and the land.

Is it cheating to inject stolen verses into a script? In a sense: yes. We’re talking about a movie that raises words, but then says they‘re a thief. At least it’s a little bit of a paradox. Likewise, it would be silly if J. J. Abrams would make a movie filled with scenes from each Steven movie – but that’s exactly what happened in the movie “Super 8”..

If Anonymous has a mistake, then the one he dances around the audience. The movie adequately starts in a theater. We go back and Ben Johnson is in prison, then go back another 5 years to see how he is being detained. Then we go back another 40 years and the next time, as Johnson sees it, he is a free man. So. In what time exactly was he released from prison? Fortunately, Anonymous is long enough to allow the audience to grasp the context.

Anonymous is the masterpiece of Emmerich. Very far from his usual environmental apocalypse. A stigma is addressed in the film, which is regarded by many as blasphemy. I want to assure you that most popular movies are an act of fiction. Shakespeare is not available to dispel the allegations, and most moviegoers are not concerned with historical accuracy as long as the story is compelling and dramatic, and Anonymous does both.


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