Apparent pregnancy: signs, causes and treatment

Apparent pregnancy: signs, causes and treatment

Mock Pregnancy: When the soul trickes the body

The breasts stretch, the period stays out, the belly grows, but the pregnancy test does not strike: Sometimes the desire for a baby is so great that women conceive a pregnancy so firmly that a pseudo-pregnancy develops. What that is, I explain to you in this article.

What is a pseudo pregnancy??

Some believe that a pseudo-pregnancy is a myth, but it does exist. Although there is a so-called Graviditas imaginata It is very rare today, but when a woman is pregnant, it is usually not so easy to convince her that really no baby is growing in her stomach.

The treachery of a pseudopregnancy is that it has the same symptoms as a true pregnancy. The greater the disappointment of the blood or ultrasound examination can be, if it becomes apparent that there is no pregnancy.

Symptoms a pseudo-pregnancy

In a fake pregnancy, the woman believes so much in being pregnant that the body reacts with the familiar signs of pregnancy:

  • The menstrual bleeding is gone
  • Nausea and vomiting occur
  • The breasts tense and hurt
  • The belly grows
  • The breast produces premilk
  • Your weight is increasing rapidly
  • Etc.

How it comes to a pseudopregnancy

Often leads to a particularly large or long-lasting unfulfilled desire for a child pseudopregnancy. This means that your desire to have a child is so strong at that moment that the psyche makes the body believe that it is really pregnant. As a result, your menstrual period also stops or your stomach begins to grow.

Accordingly, a pseudopregnancy is usually one mental disorder. This can also result from the exact opposite: Sometimes women develop pregnancy symptoms because they are afraid of (re) pregnancy and do not want to get pregnant. This can occur especially after miscarriages, premature births and stillbirths.

Medically, you have to imagine a pseudo-pregnancy in something like this: Alone the excessive thoughts of a possible pregnancy make the body to form pregnancy hormones such as progestogen and estrogen and then emit signs of pregnancy. It is important that the subconscious also plays a major role in a pseudo-pregnancy and that you may not be fully aware of how much the topic is disturbing and burdening you.

Other causes of pregnancy symptoms

If you think you are pregnant and the doctor does not confirm your pregnancy, that does not mean that you are in the classical sense of the word pregnant or mentally ill.

Of course, there may be other reasons why you feel pregnant without being pregnant: If your breast is producing milk, even though you were neither pregnant nor pregnant, it may be due to increased prolactin levels, for example. Chronic bloating may be the cause of a suspected baby bump, and it is not uncommon for a cyst to cause a woman to miss her period. Diseases of the stomach or intestines can lead to nausea and vomiting.

Treatment of a pseudopregnancy

If you feel that you are pregnant, but the pregnancy test is negative and remains, you should visit your gynecologist, because even an ectopic pregnancy, a diaper or a non-intact early pregnancy can cause the test result is negative. If your doctor has ruled out these causes and there is no other disease that explains the signs of pregnancy, your psyche has probably played a trick on you.

It may be that the hormone balance regulates itself again after the visit to your gynecologist and your signs of pregnancy quickly disappear again. The very fact that your gynecologist has officially determined that you are not pregnant can be enough to get your hormones back in balance.

In addition, it may also be that the gynecologist recommends you a psychotherapy, because he may have noticed that your desire for children is very strong and puts an excessive burden on you. At this point, you should absolutely listen in and find out what your desire for a child or the unbridled fear of pregnancy is. Maybe you also have noticed that the unfulfilled desire for a child is bad for you. In such a case, you should definitely talk to a confidant about your feelings and fears.

Have you ever been pregnant??
Or maybe you feel pregnant for a while now and have already done several pregnancy tests with negative results?

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