Application as a nanny: tips and information

Are you always happy when you come home from school and can take care of your significantly younger siblings or your nieces and nephews? If you enjoy being with children so much that you want to make dealing with them a profession, you can write an application for training as a nanny. So that you also have really good chances, we have some tips and Tips for put you together.

The training application as a nanny includes your cover letter, your curriculum vitae including application photo and your certificates. Your application should be error-free, so use the spelling aid while writing your cover letter and resume, and ask friends and relatives to check again for errors.

The curriculum vitae for your application as a nanny is not particularly long, but you can still hide valuable information in it: With your hobbies you make it clear how well you are suitable for the job. Sports show your physical fitness that you need at work. All creative hobbies are among the things that you can pass on to the children, so it is good if you paint, sing, play music or do handicrafts. Cooking is also a suitable hobby. In order to make a good impression with your application as a nanny, you should also have a professional application photo taken. The photographer skillfully puts you in the right light.

The individual cover letter in your training application as a nanny is particularly important. Here your hopefully future instructor will find out your name, your contact details, the moment you finish school, and your current grade point average. You indicate why you would like to learn in this facility: Do you have a special connection to it, or is the reputation better than elsewhere? You also make it clear, that your Career aspiration is not a fixed idea, but that you will be there with body and soul: if you worked as a babysitter and gave tuition to small children, that is very good. If you took care of little siblings or other children, this also shows your experience. Have you on the way also does the housekeeping, that’s a big plus. List all part-time jobs and internships you’ve ever done in this area. Then you finish the cover letter for the application as a nanny with kind regards and sign it by hand.

Dress code in the interview

If your application as a nanny was able to convince your potential trainer, he would like to invite you to an interview. You should wear clean and tidy clothes for this, but nothing too elegant. After all, you have to be able to move quickly and unhindered in everyday life with children. Flat, closed shoes are important, so you can walk around all day. A pair of trousers or a pair of jeans combined with a sweater, blouse or shirt looks appropriate. If you have long hair, it’s best to do a braid. Remove any piercings from your face. You can keep earrings inside. If you still look well-groomed and are punctual and friendly, you are sure to succeed with your application as a nanny!


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