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Application – information and tips for the right application

For many, an application is the first step in a new career or a start in the world of work. With it applicants want to pass on statements about the technical knowledge, knowledge and experiences, which were already made in the past professional life, and recommend themselves for a certain position. It is the first contact we make with a potential employer and not only gives the reader a first impression of the applicant’s personality and character through its content. Of course, given the scope and consequences of a letter of application, it is of fundamental importance that some standards and a certain form be respected here. Finally, the application should arouse the interest of the reader and make him curious about the applicant.

Soft skills in addition to professional competence

An application should demonstrate credibly that we are really suitable for the job in question. That this not only the technical competence, but much more belongs, the so-called soft skills know only very few applicants. These include motivation, language skills and teamwork. So soft skills are characteristics of the applicant that go beyond the technical competences. In retrospect, most people ask why, despite the good professional qualifications, another applicant had the edge. It is much more of an application today than a simple letter to succeed in your professional life.

write an application

Despite the high importance that an application has meanwhile taken, many applicants still seem to attach very little importance to writing a good application. It does not include any special skills in dealing with the German language in order to put the documents together in an appropriate form. Especially structure and shape always cause great difficulties. However, if you consider a few basic rules when applying, the chances of being invited to a job interview are far greater.

modern changes: “American” curriculum vitae and third page

In recent years, there has been a change in the classic structure of an application. Especially as far as the CV is concerned, more and more applicants are resorting to the “American style”. Here the most up-to-date data comes first. The aim is to focus on this and maybe distract from a bad start to working life. In addition, HR departments today often find the third page or a competence profile in the application documents. The latter serves the purpose of pointing once more clearly to the acquired expertise. The third party uses applicants to present their own motivation in more detail.

What is all part of an application?

Not infrequently, the problems when writing an application already begin with the question of what actually belongs to the components. Just an incomplete application will certainly not leave a good impression and only ensure that your own documents on the large pile of cancellations wander. Therefore, the completeness should always be checked before sending the application.

Job advertisement relevant for application

To find out what is really relevant and important, take a look at the job posting. Contrary to popular belief, only the necessary documents should be sent as a copy. These are essentially diplomas and proof of vocational training or the last employment certificates.

As a rule, an application folder consists of the following documents:

  • cover sheet
  • Write to
  • resume
  • Third page
  • Certificates and certificates etc.

Write to

The first page of the application usually takes the cover letter. Here the applicant formulates his own qualification and motivation. The reference to the offered position must not be missing, since otherwise the impression arises that this text is only a mass production. Of course, an error-free spelling is a requirement, because in most cases the cover letter is read first.


The curriculum vitae outlines the candidate’s previous career and should always point to the individual stations. Important events are particularly noteworthy. The reader can thus gain a comprehensive picture of the qualifications and experience gained and thus draw conclusions about the actual employment attitude of the applicant.

What should an application look like??

The folder should look simple and simple, as it should convince by their content, so you should not fall back on any elaborate own creation. What is also taboo are loosely stapled sheets that are simply put in an envelope.

As far as typeface and written form is concerned, the choice is of course up to each applicant. But even here experiments should rather remain the exception. It is important to ensure that the cover letter and CV are clearly legible. The font size should therefore neither be too small nor exaggeratedly large. The same applies to the font. Too quirky fonts are not in an application because they hurt the readability.

In this country, the application photo is given a special meaning. This may in one proper application definitely not missing. Again and again, mistakes in selecting the right photo will result in a cancellation. The clothing and the external appearance play an important role here. The application photo should radiate a certain seriousness and convey the applicant even the impression of a well-groomed appearance.

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