Apply for a child supplement: who is entitled?

If their income is insufficient to support the entire family, workers can apply for the child supplement for their offspring. The state grants him if parents are at risk of poverty.

Not to be confused with child benefit

Children are dear and dear to their parents. The state too, which is why it supports mothers and fathers financially. Among other things with the child supplement. Incidentally, this is not identical to the child benefit, but is paid in addition if necessary. This means that anyone who is entitled to child benefit can also have the child supplement, of which families with a lot in particular offspring should benefit. By the way: during child benefit one tax Compensation, the child supplement is considered a social benefit in accordance with Section 6a of the Federal Child Allowance Act (BKGG).

Who can apply for support?

If parents can cover their own livelihood, but not that of their children, they are generally entitled to a child supplement. Apart from receiving child benefit, the following specific requirements must be met:

  • the minimum income limit for parents is 900 euros gross per month
  • the minimum income limit for single parents is 600 euros gross
  • the need for help within the meaning of SGB II is avoided through the mother’s and / or father’s own income and the child supplement

The amount of social benefit

Parents in need receive a maximum child allowance of 170 euros per month for their daughter or son. Added to the child benefit of 192 euros / month, it is intended to meet the average needs of children.

In order to calculate the child benefit surcharge, it depends on the income or assets of the parents (or the partners in a marital cohabitation). If it meets their minimum requirements, the social benefits flow in full. If more comes together, it is reduced in accordance with the regulations on unemployment benefit II (ALG II).

Only half of the state takes into account parents’ earned income that exceeds their own minimum requirements. In this way, he wants to create incentives for employment. Income from investment income, on the other hand, is fully relevant for the calculation. The income of the children themselves, for example from maintenance payments, also reduces the amount of the supplement. It is paid as long as there is a right to child benefit – that is, up to the child’s 25th birthday.

Where is the application??

Anyone wishing to apply for the child supplement must do so in writing. The forms are available – also online – from the family offices of the Federal Employment Agency. The application should be sent as soon as possible possible enter there because the support will not be paid retrospectively. Any changes in the financial situation that affect performance must be reported to the authority immediately.


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