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The child benefit is entitled to every child in Germany. The legal guardians can benefit from the Familienkasse apply. The child benefit serves as part of the family allowance and is based on the number of children staggered.

Can an application for child benefit be made retrospectively? You can read more about this in the following guide.

People living in Germany Unlimited tax liability receive child benefit under the Income Tax Act. Already from the birth of a child it can be applied for. But parents can also have a retroactive effect application if they missed it shortly after birth?

What is child benefit and how high is the benefit? Can I apply for child benefit retrospectively? Is there a limitation period? How do you apply retrospectively for child benefit? You can find out more in our guide.

Short & concise: the most important thing about “applying for child benefit retrospectively”

  1. You can also apply for child benefit retrospectively.
  2. The application is up to four years, after the claim has arisen (e.g. birth), without problems with the Familienkasse possible.
  3. You will either receive the necessary application online or on site at your responsible family fund and at most Pro-Familia positions.

What is child benefit and how high is it??

Apply for child benefit: This is quite possible retrospectively.

a Entitlement to child benefit have legal guardians who reside in Germany or Center of life to have. Child benefit can be requested from the responsible family fund for each child from birth. It is staggered according to the Number of Children.

Parents receive for the first and second child 192 euros per month. The parents get for the third child 198 euros. The child benefit is for each additional child 223 euros. Parents can start from the age of 18 apply for child benefit again, if the child is still at school or is in training or studying. From the age of 25 years however, there is no longer any entitlement to child benefit.

in the year In 2018, child benefit will be increased by two euros each. In order to receive the benefit, parents have had to Tax Identification Number of the child. This is to prevent multiple payments.

Child benefit is paid retrospectively?

As soon as the eligibility requirements you can apply for child benefit from the family benefits office. This is the case with the birth of your child. To majority of the child no further requests necessary, because the child benefit is paid automatically.

In the meantime there is none Entitlement to child benefit, this can be requested again if the requirements are met again. This is the case, for example, if an adult is initially one employment followed up, but then registered with the employment agency and was not yet 25 years of age. If you apply for child benefit retrospectively no sample letter necessary. You simply use the application from the family fund.

Can I apply for child benefit retrospectively? This is possible up to four years after birth.

You should definitely backdated apply for child benefit if you don’t already receive it because that Tax office does not check whether you have actually received the benefit. In the context of the low-priced examination, either the child allowance or the child benefit at the tax declaration checked.

In this context, child benefit is an advance payment on the possible tax benefit. If the allowances are lower than the child benefit, the latter will be taken into account in the tax return. The entitlement to child benefit is already sufficient for them counting. In addition, the tax assessment does not have to be changed subsequently if the parents receive child benefit apply retrospectively.

Subsequent application for child benefit: What is the deadline??

To get the child benefit retrospectively, you need the statute of limitations of child benefit entitlement. Child benefit is always paid for the period in which the entitlement continues to exist. Already one day a month is enough to receive child benefit for the entire month.

If you want to apply for child benefit retrospectively, this is for the last four years possible. The entitlement to child benefit expires four years after the calendar year in which the claim arose.

How to make a child benefit application retrospectively

Apply for child benefit retrospectively: You can obtain an application from the family benefits office.

Generally, you have the option of starting child benefit birth of a child to apply. However, you did also an entitlement to the benefit if you make the application right after birth failed to have? Child benefit can be applied for retrospectively?

You have the option of applying for child benefit retrospectively. This is even more so four years possible after the birth of the child. You will receive a corresponding application from your responsible Familienkasse. This must Completely fill out.

At the first Child support request the child’s birth certificate must be presented. If the parents want to apply again after their child has reached the age of majority, the following are the following documents, depending on the activity of the child, to be attached to the application:

  • training certificate
  • Schulbescheinigung
  • certificate of registration
  • disability card

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Since January 2018, child benefit can no longer be applied for up to 4 years retrospectively, but only up to 6 months!!

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there is a transition period or an option to still receive child benefit for 2018?
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