Apply for the polygocard online at db, deutsche bahn ag

Apply for the polygocard online at db, deutsche bahn ag

polygo: Mobility and Services in the Stuttgart Region for VVS Subscribers

In the future, polygo will offer subscription customers many new opportunities: The merger of Verbundpass and token on one card, the polygoCard. Name and design change, your VVS subscription remains unchanged. It will only be an eTicket in the future.

Current information about the polygoCard

VVS customers with polygoCard can now receive their valid VVS subscription all Display DB machines. The machines are marked with the eTicket logo.

To display your eTicket, please place your chip card on the card reader marked with the symbol in the area of ​​the PIN pad bay.

Note: The driving permissions are only displayed as valid from the first day of validity

eTicket symbols on the DB Automat

polygoCard for Scool subscribers

Most students have a scool subscription. This ticket will also be converted to the polygoCard. More than 70,000 pupils have already received their polygoCard from the DB and the subscription centers of regional transport companies

All important information about the conversion to the new polygoCard with eTicket function can be found here:

DB Sales GmbH

Subscription Center Stuttgart

PO Box 10 10 64

Tel .: 0711 76 16 41 93

Fax: 069 26557413

Contact hours:

24-hour service:

Subscription online for annual subscriptions

What is an eTicket??

The eTicket is nothing else than your previous subscription token – just now electronic. You will no longer receive your current ticket in the form of a token, but will receive your polygoCard on which the subscription is stored.

what changes?

In the event of a ticket check, you will simply show your polygoCard in the future, and your eTicket will then be read out electronically. Incidentally, you can do the same yourself: selected and marked vending machines in the VVS traffic area, including all machines of the DB, will be equipped with special readers in the future.

What do subscription customers have to do??

Feedback from you is only required if you have received a letter from your student. Initially, VVS customers will be converted with the following tariff products:

  • Every man Ticket
  • 9 o’clock environmental Ticket
  • ticket companies
  • 14 o’clock Junior Ticket
  • Seniors ticket

In order to be able to use the polygoCard, please upload a passport photo of yourself at and state your usual travel route if your ticket is not valid throughout the network. To do this, you need your subscription contract number and composite passport number. As a subscriber to the VVS, you will receive an information letter from your respective Abocenter.

Privacy Policy (as of 24.06.2016)

The application of eTicket in the VVS follows the nationwide standard of the VDV core application. This is coordinated with the Federal Data Protection Officer and the Data Protection Officer of the federal states. The standard stipulates that the last 10 actions (usually control data records for boarding and, if applicable, disembarking) are stored on the chip card. This is particularly aimed at eTicketing systems, where the fare calculation for occasional passengers takes place afterwards. The storage of entry and exit procedures on the map was, where such systems exist (eg in Heilbronn), also required by the clientele in order to be able to understand the price formation. In the VVS, the eTicket is only available in the area of ​​time cards. Therefore, saving entry-level operations (exit procedures are not relevant in VVS anyway) is not mandatory. Therefore, the transport companies in the VVS – with the exception of Regiobus Stuttgart – at present in their respective area store no boarding operations on the map. Regiobus Stuttgart continues to store the proof of inspection according to the standard. Here is a blocking of the memory function is not readily possible. After all, this company also travels in the area of ​​Heilbronner-Hohenloher-Haller (HNV). In addition, it is noted that the VVS has submitted an application to amend the nationwide applicable standard, with the aim that time tickets Initial operations on the chip card basically no location information should be stored.

time tickets Initial operations on the chip card basically no location information should be stored.
Nevertheless, a transmission of control records to a central background system in pseudonymous Form designed to detect attacks on the eTicketing system (eg ticket duplicates). This data will however from the VVS deleted in the background system at the latest 72 hours after their capture. A creation and evaluation There is no movement profile of the passengers. It would be meaningless in the VVS anyway, because the smart card is to pass only when entering the reader in the bus over.

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