Arcobräu invests in castle brewery, erding

Arcobräu invests in castle brewery, erding


Grünbach – The Schlossbrauerei Grünbach enters into a cooperation with Arcobräu. Constant quality is one of the goals.

The Schlossbrauerei Grünbach has recently developed a strong partner at its side: Arcobräu, a large medium-sized enterprise with an annual output of 160,000 hectoliters of beer. The Lower Bavarians support the small family business of Alexander Noll with expertise in logistics and sales as well as investments. Noll brews around 10 000 hectoliters of wheat beer per year in Grünbach and has two problems: the fluctuating quality of raw materials – especially malt – and therefore of beer, as well as the growing reluctance of credit institutions after the banking crisis.

The cooperation also eliminates a competitive disadvantage of the Schlossbrauerei specializing in wheat beer, said Holger Fichtel, brewery director of Arco: “In the future, the landlord can say: I’ll take Arco and Grünbacher.” That’s how Noll wants to grow step by step. So far, he has free contracts with nearly 100 innkeepers from the area, the company owner reported yesterday at a press conference in Bräustüberl. Incidentally, the partners also want to develop a new concept there in order to promote their own beer better.

“Nowadays you are at a disadvantage as a kid. We have too often experienced that the raw materials are miserable, “said company owner Noll. The cooperation should end these difficulties on the purchasing side. Also investments are necessary. For example, the small brewery with 15 employees has not yet done the expensive analysis technology, with the large companies can immediately detect defects in the raw materials. Then it should also not happen that the Grünbacher wheat beer, as has happened, shoots when opening from the bottle.

The customer is demanding today, explained the Arco boss: “A beer must always taste the same.” Especially with artisanal brewed beers like from Grünbacher that was a big challenge, explained Noll. They would not be pasteurized, unlike the products of their major competitors. “That changes the taste,” he said.

To a purchase or the like do not go, emphasized the company bosses. “It’s a partnership at eye level,” said Fichtel. The Schlossbrauerei has constantly invested – “on its own“, affirmed Noll: modernized water and beer lines and increased the maturity storage. Precisely because a brewery has innkeepers as customers, it is downgraded by the banks in terms of their creditworthiness.

He had been looking for a partner for two years and found it in Arcobräu six weeks ago. The four children of the Nolls, Michael (23), Thomas (21), Martin (15) and Bianca (12), have been involved in the company from an early age. “I want to know that I can pass on my life’s work,” said the 55-year-old father. (Timo Aichele)

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